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Wellington Secondary

We had the pleasure of having Wellington Secondary College come to The Summit. With only two days to fit in as much action packed fun we could, we got straight into activities.

Already on the Window we got a taste of how awesome the 48 Hours were going to be. Students wanted to push even further on their first activity and tribe members were already showing great tribe spirit. Awesome work from Joel for helping tribe members up the tower even after he had his turn. At Bush and Snowy River Challenge tribes had to put their heads together and come up with some strategies in order to get their whole tribe through the obstacles. At Sky Bridge there were plenty of falls and fast feet. Vincent ran across the bridge and there was no stopping him. Chris, Voulin, David and so many more showed real persistence on the bridge as with every fall they got back up determined to finish the bridge, well done guys.

Wednesday afternoon was go go go and crazy but you all kept energy and encouragement high. The afternoon was full of people jumping, swinging and crawling in order to finish off our last activities.

Even with a busy schedule we still managed to fit in an epic Monster Course. Congrats to you all on completing not one but TWO laps, again showing fantastic attitude and persistence.

Before we said our goodbyes, we acknowledge a few tribe members who embraced their camp experience and really practiced the five keys. These awesome legends were: Chris, Brodie, Joel and jay. For their fierce efforts they got to have a a ride in our very own army tank. From there it was time to get on the bus for the ride home.

Thank you to Wellington for coming out and having all the fun.

Monster Times

1st Place - Tribe One

2nd Place - Tribe Three

3rd Place - Tribe Two

-Liv, Tom & Stitch

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