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Thomastown Secondary College

We had the pleasure of having Thomastown come to The Summit for a quick visit! With only two days to fit in as much action as possible we were all excited to start. Four tribes were formed, these were; Low Iron, Wagunda, Unbreakables and 3074.

Over the next two days these tribes were pushed outside their comfort zones on a lot of activities as well as a mega push on our awesome Monster Course. Everyone’s energy around the Monster Course was electrifying! After everyone had crossed the finish line we all gathered back together to discuss the awesomeness that was just displayed. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about how much fun the course was and to the coaches delight everyone was excited when we told you we would be running the course again!! The second lap showed every tribe really come together to improve themselves within their tribe. The Monster Course was definitely a high light for everyone, however there were still plenty of activities to do!

Day two and an even bigger day then the one before, with 6 rotations to do before the days end we jumped straight in! Some of the activities we did were: Snowy River Challenge, Sky Bridge, Snake and Nails, Highwire, Leap, Tash’s Ladder, Giant Swing and Cave. At the end of another epic day, before you left you nominated one person from each of your tribes that really embraces their camp experience and gave everything they had! These lucky people got to have a ride in our army tank as well as crush a car!

Thank you Thomastown for coming and giving it your all!

Liv, Tom, Dan and Jordan

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