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South Oakleigh College

What a high energy few days we had with South Oakleigh last week. As soon as you all hopped off the bus the energy started and it did not stop until the buses left. With so much buzz we were excited to get straight into camp.

We started off with a fun game of fifty up, it did take four tries but in the end we got there. From there we moved into our activity groups and did some initiatives, it was then that we established our awesome tribe names. We had We couldn’t think of a name, Screamers, Terrible 13, Winner Winner Chicken dinner and The Unknowns.

Once our names were set, it was time to move into our first day of activities, we had: Scavenger Hunt, Orienteering, Inflatables, Trust and Snake and Nails. Everyone seemed to be having an awesome time and at the end of day one there was only one thing you all wanted and that was to see your tents, finally your prayers were answered after activities.

That night after dinner some special acts got up on stage and performed your talents in the talent show, it was a great success.

Day two and it was time to start getting off the ground and that's exactly what we were going to do. With Abseil and Summit Window as two of our activities we saw a lot of students push their comfort to the max and some even surprising yourselves on how far you could go on an activity.

Special mentions to Morgan, Dimitri and Tahlia and many others who didn’t want to even attempt the tower activities but gave it a go anyway. Everyone was having a great time flying across the Fox and using war tactics over at laser, we also had tribes working hard and strategising at Snowy River Challenge.

In the Afternoon it was time to begin our massive Monster Course, everyone was a mix of excited and nervous of what the course contains. However you all did an amazing job and smashed your first lap. afterwards we gathered everyone together and told you the real reason we do the Monster Course is so we can always try an improve yourselves, This left a few people confused, until we told you we would be running the course again!! Many of you had your doubts whether you could do another lap, but you all knuckled down and crashed it again.

Day three and the weather was a bit rainy and windy, but that wasn’t going to stop us. With only two activities left of camp, everyone still continued to push themselves to do the activities. Once we finished our activities we headed up to lunch, packed our buses and it was time to say goodbye.

Thank you to South Oakleigh for coming to camp, with such an incredible energy and awesome dance moves. We hope to see you again in the future.

Monster Placement (EVERYONE IMPROVED)

1st - Terrible 13

2nd - We couldn’t think of a name

3rd - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

4th - Unknowns and Screamers

- Liv, Timmy, Trinette, Luke and Ash

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