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Box Hill Secondary

It was Wednesday the 9th of May and we knew we were in for something amazing when four buses rocked up at The Summit and dropped off 220 year 8’s from Box hill Secondary. It is always such a pleasure to have the company of you guys and this week was no different.

We started off getting to know our new groups and smashing out two of the first activities.

By the end of the day we had worked out what camp was all about and what it meant to have fun and play all in. We were curious for tomorrow and excited to see how we could push ourselves and learn for the rest of camp.

Make lots of mistakes and get comfortable being uncomfortable were the focus for Thursday as each tribe did exactly that. The tower was an exciting place to be with both Summit Window and Abseiling running. Encouragement was flowing from both up the tower as well as from the grounds.

After three more activities it was time to get muddy and really push the comfort level up to the next level. When the going gets tough, the tough get going and that is what happened. The Monster course proved this with fantastic improvement times. Tribe 10 improved by 3.26, tribe 6 by 3.43, tribe 15 by 3.50, tribe 2 by 4.26 but the winners were tribe 8 who improved by7.04. What an extraordinary effort.

Breakfast on Friday was the old school classic when it came to music selection. The boys on duty were pumping the beats to the delight of The Summit staff. It was also about no going home wondering what if, with tribe member stepping up once again the leave no thoughts in their minds of could I have done more.

Snowy River Challenge was taken out by tribe 14 with 14.17 whilst bush challenge was taken out by tribe 6 with 17.29.

At the days end each tribe voted for a values winner who lived by the five keys of camp. These legends were Jacob, Julian, Jasper, Shanti, Oscar, Kasey, Daisy, Jack, Tom, Ernest, Paul, Hendrick, Ben, Melanie + Jacob and Hannah.

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