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Mentone Girls Secondary (Camp 1 & 2)

Camp 1

Middle of May and the mud had arrived with Mentone.

Start of the week was epic in so many ways!

The 103 year 8 students from Mentone made it epic and so did the rain and the mud that followed!

We spent Mon - Wed getting to know each other and conquering epic activities and of course just playing and running a muck in between!

On paper we were Groups 1 - 8 but we decided to be more exciting than that and come up with some tribe names. We became the Charcoal chickens, the elbows, the serpants, Pop a squat, Running Bunning Snags, Summit Conquerers, Storm and Ready Shrek Go.

The activities we had in stall were the Bush Challenge, The Summit Window, The Cave, The Giant Swing, The Scavenger Hunt, The Sky Bridge, The Snake and Nails and Abseil.

You guys did an epic job at smashing them and you all pushed yourself at every corner.

The team activities were just as epic and it was cool to see you guys improve together!

The Monster Course improvement times were:

Serpents - 4:30

Ready Shrek Go - 3:10

Charcoal Chicken - 3:04

Pop a Squat - 9:41

Storm - 7:02

Running Bunning Snags - 5:23

Elbows - 4:45

Bush Challenge

1 - 34:12

2 - 30:00

3 - 24:43

4 - 21:30

5 - 18:40

6 - 25:45

7 - 30:36

8 - 27:39

Well done and thanks for an incredible start to the week with Mentone camp one.

Was sooo cool to see you guys giving your all and Playing All In especially those that were voted by there tribes: Angelina, Zoe, Willow, Piper, Sam, Zoe, Charlotte, Elissa, Alex.

Never let the weather stop you. Never let anything stop you.

Stay groovy,

Maddi, Liv, Trinette, Pay, Dan, Greg, Jords, Steph

Camp 2

The Summit was lucky enough to have Mentone Secondary College come for an awesome three day camp last week. Despite a rainy first day everyone was super excited to see what the next three days would be like.

We started off with some fun problem solving initiatives where the tribes to get to know one another and we could decide one some epic names to call yourselves. The newly formed tribes were now called; Vikki Devils, Eggula, Duty Moody, Precious Princesses, Gumboots, Fredoooos, and the Left Overs. With the new tribes formed we moved into our first two activities.

For the first day we focused on 'Having fun' and 'Playing all In'. It was great to see all the girls willing to give everything a go.

Throughout the next two days the good times did not stop. Everyone was crushing their activities and having all the fun at the same time. One moment in camp that i think everyone really enjoyed was the epic Monster Course, and not just running once, but twice! It was here that all the girls showed great encouragement and teamwork within their tribes.

Afterwards there was no better way to celebrate this awesome experience but with a slide in the mud.

Day three and what better way to start a Friday but with a fun game of Huckle buckle. We then set off to finish the last of the activities, and everyone did so with a massive smile on their face.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time and that also meant time to start wrapping up camp. We also shared some more GMIC’s, so good to see so many of you acknowledging others achievements on camp. With the end in sight us coaches had one more surprise left. Each tribe nominated one person that was lucky enough to get to ride in our very own WWII army tank!!!

Thank you to Mentone camp 2 for coming and having fun with all us coaches!

Monster placements

1st - Fredooos

2nd- Duty Moody

3rd - Vicky Devils

4th - Gumboots

5th - Left overs

6th - Precious Princesses

7th - Eggula

Bush Challenge

Vicky Devils - 24.45min

Eggula - 21.46min

Duty Moody - 35.12min

Precious Princesses - 20.43min

Gumboots - 28.57min

Fredooos - 35.10min

Left Overs - 31.44min

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