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Rangeview Primary School

It's been another fantastic week of camp with the students and teachers from Rangeview P.S. It was great to see so many familiar faces back from teacher but also students who have visited previously. With no time to waste it was straight into programming and naming the tribes. They were #1, Southside Serpents, We don’t Care, Concrete and Golden Cow Warriors.

Scavenger Hunt and Orienteering had everyone looking around The Summit for point winning objects. Southside Serpents were too good at both of these. They won the Scavenger hunt on 690 points, followed by Golden Cow warriors with 660 and We’re #1 with 650.

Orienteering was 640 to Southside, followed by We don’t care 540 and We’re #1 500. Bush challenge was once again won by Southside serpents, with Concrete in second and Golden Cow Warriors in third.

Monster was won by Concrete, Golden Cow Warriors in second and We’re #1 in third.

Here are some of the individual highlights from The Summit team from your amazing camp.

  • Charlie M was a constant encourage machine on the Highwire, always helping with harnesses and pushing his own limits when he attempted the High Wire.

  • Kaiden was nervous when he got half way up but pushed forward to reach the middle and reward himself with the high five.

  • Ben managed to get to the top of the Rock Wall over hang, ring the bell and go well beyond anything he thought was possible. He then followed it up at the Leap of Faith, legs over and Spider man down, the real super hero.

  • Tom was the quiet achiever, not wanting to do many of the high activities, but really dug deep to smash the Tashes Ladder, Abseil and Summit window. Indy was forever saying sorry for being brave and pushing her stretches and super stretches. She really was ideal person to demonstrate the five Keys.

  • Kian did all he could at all activities, even though he was coming back from a broken wrist. He smashed out the Highwire and got his stretch on Rock wall.

Values winners were rewarded with not one but two hot laps in The Summit army tank. Congratulations to the following people who lived by the five keys for the entire camp. These legends were Kian, Tom.B, Grace, Indy and Amy.

Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit from Rangeview P.S. and good luck Mrs Natolli. We will all miss seeing you around camp when Rangeview returns next year.

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