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Red Rock Christian College

We had the pleasure of having Red Rock come to The Summit and experience something very unique. When we arrive will very excited and eager to see what activities will be doing for the next three days, so we decided to get straight into it.

We started with a little tour of what was to be our new home for the next three days. Once we knew our surroundings, we were ready to jump into some fun. We started with a fun game for 50 up, although we didn’t reach the 50 we did reach 39 which was a great effort by all. From there we split into our two groups, one group went to the Snow River Challenge an exciting and fun team challenge. The other group completed to fund problem-solving initiatives that had some people having to thinking hard. After some afternoon tea we swap groups, and before we knew it the first day of camp had come to an end.

Day two, and we had a big day planned for you all. With three activities and our big monster course in the afternoon we had to fuel up on lots of brekkie before we could start our day. First we all came together to the giant swing. It was awesome to see how many of you were willing to give the swing a try, and most of you going al the way to green. It was also amazing to see the teamwork present when pulling the road all the way to the top.

After some morning tea we split into our two groups to complete the Cave and Orienteering. Many were worried about the cave, however it was great to see you all persisting through the dark times. At orienteering you got to know the park very well and practised some map reading skills at the same time.

Time flew when we were having fun and before we knew it it was already the afternoon and of course time for a epic Monster Challenge. So many of you were a mix of excitement and worry on what the Monster Course would in tail. However it was no surprise to see you all crush the Monster Course and really pull together as a team to complete each obstacle. It was also amazing to see your reaction as we told you that we would be running the course again. Again you all came together to this time beat your original time, WHICH YOU DID.

On the last day at two activities were Leap of Faith and Scavenger Hunt. It was amazing to see how many of you completed the leap of faith and wanted to try again to try and push yourselves even further. Scavenger Hunt had everyone running around the park to collect as many points as possible.

Before we knew it was time to say I our final goodbyes. However we had one more surprise left for you, and that was that you all got to have a hot lap in our World War two Army tank.

Thank you Red Rock for coming to The Summit and having heaps of fun. You guys ROCKED

- Liv

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