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Bayside College - Althona Campus

It was a crazy start to the Bayside College year 7-9 camp at The Summit on Monday 20th August. After the bus not working properly and having to have the students walk up The Summit hill we all got together to begin our camp experience.

Tribes were complete by coming up with their new tribe names. Welcome to the Hippity Hoppertus, Grinches and I.D.C.

Here are some of the highlights from the coaches who you had on your camp.

Yazzie was so funny when she repeated to dunk her face in the lake for the Photo scavenger hunt. Summer got stuck into the helping out with the dishes while on duty group, leading the way and having fun doing it. Hippity Hoppertus had the battle to finally come up with their name as there were so many different versions of their name they wanted.

Snowy River was one by the grinches with a time of 32.21, followed by Hipperty hoppertus with 36.31 and I.D.C with 36.42.

Bush Challenge was won by I.D.C with 26.25, followed by Hippity Hoppertus with 36.09 and the Grinches in 49.43.

Monster was won by I.D.C in 47.45, followed by Hippity Hoppertus in 47.50 and the Grinches in 51.27.

Congratulations to the individual values winners who were rewarded with a ride in the army tank. These amazing people were Isaac, Yazzie and Aralias.

Thank you everyone who came to The Summit from Bayside College.

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