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Warracknabeal Secondary College

On Monday 22nd Oct, the year nine students and teachers from Warracknabeal embarked on their camp journey to The Summit camp. With everything going right to the journey to Gippsland, the bus arrived an hour earlier than expected, giving everyone a little extra time for lunch and stretch the legs after such a long drive. With no time to waste, introductions were made and the Wiggles Warriors were introduced to the Summit World. Tom was the first to crack the Go Go Stop code of memory steps.

Lily’s 15th birthday welcomed in Tuesday and set the day of just nicely. After retrieving some treasure from the island thanks to some great tribe work and Alyssa climbing across it was into activities. Bush challenge saw a great development of encouragement as each tribe member moved through the course together. Sky Bridge was the first activity to really test the Target, Stretch, Super stretch theory. Each person chose their desired distance they were going to travel. Liam after a few falls was not going to let that stop him from getting to the other end.

Wednesday started off with some laser skirmish which Mr Shannon was looking forward to. Emily was right into the game but could not stop laughing the entire time. Sophie was so brave when it came to the Giant Swing, finding something else to get to the yellow and pull the release cord. Photo scavenger hunt was a battle between the boys and girls. The girls found more things but the boys scored more points, thinking they had won, Paul forgot to add the bonus 100 points to his total for the girls, meaning the girls were the eventual winners. Snake and nails challenge was a good challenge both for a laugh but also another great way to demonstrate getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Thursday was super challenge day with the Cave being a total darkness challenge. Jack was so strong to nearly get to the end, retreat and then challenge himself to get all the way. So much respect was shown to stay quiet the entire time someone else was going through the Cave. Leap of Faith was exhilarating to jump and grab the bar or even come down upside down. Rockets nest was the challenge by choice activity. The choice to have a go, how high and what target, Stretch or super stretch would be achieved. The most impressive thing was the support of each person towards not only the person climbing but also the other school who were on the Giant Swing, helping with pulling the rope and counting them down as well.

After lunch it was all about the Monster course and water slide. Monster was EPIC!! The mud, laughter, encouragement, tribe work, support was just next level. Even when someone was struggling there were never any complaints and all encouraging words. Total time was an hour. Water slide was full of sip and spills. Lots of speed and thank you as everyone got out to have multiple goes.

Thank you again to all the students and teachers from Warracknabeal for a sensation camp. Remember Timmay wants a jacket next year lol, but make sure you stay connected and use those cards. (online course)

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