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Monterey Secondary

Wednesday the 7th of November The Summit welcomed the year nines from Monterey Secondary!

We had an epic camp planned and a huge variety of activities for the group to smash! The teams started off a little rocky but we decided on some team names, The Ty-pans, The Push ups and IDC and it was all up hill from there It was especially awesome to see how far you had all progressed and how much you came together during the monster course!

There were some other epic activities that helped your teams come together, they were the Snowy River challenge and the Bush Challenge. There are no other options but to work together and when it came down to it you all did an incredible job at being there for your team mates.

A lot of you challenged your fear of heights during the Rock wall, High wire and Giant Swing! There were some great decisions being made by those of you choosing to give things ago despite being scared!

The cave and The snake and nails were more individual based and you needed to challenge yourself alone. The Laser Skirmish was an opportunity to just run a muck and have all the fun, which you all did also! We ended camp with some singing, some rapping and we recognized Beth, Bree, Joseph and Sully for their extraordinary efforts while on camp! Well-done to everybody, thanks heaps for a great camp.

Maddi, Kati, Jamie and the Summit team.

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