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Good News Lutheran

The year elevens from good news Lutheran came to the Summit on the 21st - 23rd of November.

The tackled many challenges while they were here. The sky bridge, Bush Challenge, Abseil, The Snowy River Challenge, Orienteering, High Wire, Rock Wall, Scavenger Hunt, The Summit Window and of course the Monster Course. The teams had some very distinct identities, being the Gentleman club, Sh-money gang and Kara-boo.

We also tackled the Monster course and it was awesome to see everyone who was brave enough to participate the second time in the poring rain also. Great character and resilience was demonstrated by all members who participated. We finished the second night with a belief and Mindset session and we all smashed through boards and our limiting beliefs. Friday came around before we knew it and it was time to say goodbye to a great camp with many incredible achievements. We recognised Zac, Caleb, Issy and Selena especially and they celebrated their camp by a ride in the army tank. Thanks for a great camp guys,

Matt, Maddi, Jamie and Mia.

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