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St Laurence O'Toole Primary

The Summit coaches and myself were very excited to have the St Laurence grade three’s come to camp. With only to days to have as much fun as possible we jumped straight into our activities. You were all full of energy and loved to sing and dance so we knew it was going to be a good time.

Over the next two days, we would be having all the fun at Scavenger Hunt, Inflatables, Snowy River Challenge and Laser Skirmish and playing heaps of games. One of our first tasks was to create our tribe names, and they were some great names. We had: I Want Candy, MMS, Super Summits and Numbchuck warriors. Everyone was having a great time at our first two activities.

We spent the afternoon running the famous Monster course. Every single person tried their absolute best during the course and there was a tremendous amount of team work and support in every tribe. Once everyone had run through our human tunnel to the finish line we all got together for a muddy group photo.

The energy was off the charts and they was chants for more. You were all hungry for more fun and this thinking was defiantly helpful when we told you we were going to run the Monster course one more time!! This time however, we were not worried about who runs the fastest lap, we wanted to the see how the tribes worked together now under harder conditions and what type of tribe members you are being. Boy did you all deliver, there was support and encouragement everywhere we turned. And not just for your individual tribes, but members from other tribes helping any else they could.

To finish your night off you still had the energy to preform a talent show and then dance in a disco.

Friday and last day of camp, what better way to start then to sing and dance. Because you all enjoyed dancing so much, us coaches introduced you to the Summit’s dance called Worlds Greatest. No surprise you all got right into it and danced and sung your hearts out. From there we went into an epic all in game of Ga Ga ball. We finished off our last two activities with ease.

Before we said our goodbyes, us coaches did have one more surprise. Four lucky tribe members were given a reward of driving in the Summits very own army tank! Sadly from there it was time to say our goodbyes.

Thank you again St Laurence for coming to the Summit, singing, dancing, playing and having all the fun with us.

- Liv, Kyle, Mia and Paul.

Scavanger Hunt

I want Candy 560

Numbchuk Ninjas 560

MMS 440

Super Summits 435

Snowy River Challenge

Super Summits 18.13min

MMS 20.55min

Numb chuck Ninjas 22.15min

I want candy 23.14min

Monster improvements times

MMS 12.10min

Super Summits -6.26min

Numb chuck Ninjas - 4.54min

I want Candy -2.32min

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