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Maranatha Christian College

It has been another brilliant camp for the students and teachers along with the help of parents for the Maranatha grade six camp at The Summit. From the first moment the summit staff met everyone it was smiling faces and lots of laughs. Mr D wanted the M.I.N.E game back and he was all over it in the push ups. Each tribe started camp with an initiative and tribe name. Cross fires, Dominoes, Dofficer Dinosaurs and Hammer heads were created.

The Flying Fox was a tribe favourite for all tribes, as everyone soured through the air and over the lake. Caleb was sensational helping in catching his tribe as well as helping with harnesses. Malia was so brave to climb to the top of Summit Window to show her dad that it was possible, so sure enough dad went up as well with Malia’s support. Laser was so much fun and laughter was everywhere, mostly from the adults having as much fun as the students.

There was some really great team play throughout all games played. Inflatables were all about the races and soccer (Foosball). Great games played by everyone and good racing. With evening activities of minute to win it and night walk the fun did not stop till bed time.

With the new set of activities to begin in the afternoon on day two, there was time for tribe chants to get everyone in the mood for the night monster course that night. Great song, group involvement and actions. Snake and nails was a great challenge for a lot of people. Adam was brilliant on Giant Swing to get up and have a go. There was so much support from everyone to everyone.

Cave was dark and sometimes scary but with the support and respect of each person it became a real great challenge to overcome. Bush challenge was the first of the tribe challenges and everyone gave it a great go. Winners were Dominoes, followed by Dofficer Dinosaurs, then Hammer heads and Crossfires.

With Monster Course being run at night it was an electric feeling. Crossfires had the biggest improvement of 8.50 followed by Dominoes, then Hammerheads and Dofficer Dinosaurs bringing up the tail.

Everyone voted on the last day for a values winner. These individuals were rewarded with a ride in the Summit army tank. Congratulations to Noah, Eric, Malia and Tahlia. You were all brilliant throughout camp. Thank you once again for a great camp. We look forward to having you back at The Summit next year.

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