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Star Of The Sea

On Tuesday Morning the Year 11 & 12 VCAL students from Star of the Sea College made their way to The Summit!

The way the program was designed meant that they hit the park running! After a quick welcome and introduction of the five keys with the morning being Have Fun and Play All In, it was time for the first two activities! The two tribes became known as The Wombats and The Bratz! The first two activities were the Snowy River Challenge, an activity where teamwork is crucial to try to achieve the fastest time possible, and the Flying Fox, which is about having fun and enjoying the ride. It was then time for lunch!

After lunch, the two tribes became one to ensure the maximum amount of fun was to be had. That’s when the third key was introduced: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. This played nicely into the first activity after lunch being the Giant Swing! This saw pairs pushing beyond their comfort-zone. Every single pair went to the top and had a blast doing it! After the swing, it was time for a change in pace – Laser Skirmish. If you didn’t have fun playing Laser Skirmish you wouldn’t have been playing! Many laughs were had as everyone had fun aiming at teachers and their friends on the opposite team! After Laser it was time to take on the Monster Course! The Monster Course saw people having mountains of fun getting wet, and dirty, having to pull through, and throw things, and climb different obstacles, and of course, enjoying it all immensely!

Wednesday morning started with the introduction of setting a Morning Intention. With a bit of inspiration from Beyoncé and her song “I Was Here”, it was about choosing who you were going to be for the day. The last two keys were also introduced: Make Lots Of Mistakes, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. The first two activities on day 2 were High Wire, and The Inflatables. High Wire was about working with a small team to keep the climber safe and encourage those who were a bit scared to push themselves and try to lie down on the wire.

The Inflatables was about having some more fun and playing some games. After lunch it was time for the final two rotations! Cave was there to test limits on sensory deprivation and how one would cope. Rock Wall was about pushing ourselves and using everything we’d learnt to get as high as possible. The Rock Wall was bittersweet for some but taught that sometimes we don’t reach our goals but that doesn’t matter if you’ve given it your everything to get there.

Before long, it was time to say good bye. At the end of the last rotation, the two tribes voted for someone they thought had really lived by the Five Keys throughout the entire camp. A marker of the level of involvement by both Tribes saw a double tie! The four values winners got a hot lap in our Army Tank as a reward!

A huge congratulations, and thank-you to all the girls from Star of the Sea College! It was awesome to watch you all play, and grow, and work together! We hope you have a fantastic year and good luck with your studies and doing you Duke of Ed!

  • Jackie & Ash J (and Liv, the Tank Driver!)


Snowy River Challenge:

  • Wombats: 30:26

  • Bratz: 24:33

Monster Course:

  • Wombats: 35:50

  • Bratz: 32:36

Values Winners:

  • Wombats: Ashby & Charlotte

  • Bratz: Mary & Elisha

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