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Mount Lilydale Mercy College Camp1

It was a big week for The Summit having Mount Lilydale Mercy College come in for the whole week, splitting the year level into two camps.

It was an action packed three days from the get go.

We warmed up with an initiative to get to know our newly formed tribes. Then we jumped straight into our first two activities.

Everyone crushed their activities and got all the coaches excited of what was to come. Our nights were just as action packed as the days, with one night smashing through our Limiting Beliefs with a Board Break; and the second with an epic Night Monster. These two night activities were definitely a major highlight for everyone involved.

Everyone continued and smashed through every obstacle that was put in front of them all the way to the end.

For the finale we had one more surprise up our sleeves. A few lucky tribe members were voted as stand outs throughout the whole of camp. These lucky legends got to finish camp with a ride in our world war two army tank.

Thank you again to Mount Lilydale Mercy College camp 1 for starting our week off with a bang!

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