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Naranga School

The Summit was very lucky to have Naranga School come for the first time for an awesome three day camp. Getting off the buses, you were all full of energy and excited to see what the next three days will be like.

With no time to waste we jumped straight into our initiatives. Tiles, Half Pipe and Pot Stack got you all thinking as one tribe to complete the challenges. We then decided to create an identity and establish our tribe names for the camp. We came up with: The Nine Yellow Bananas, The A Team and The Fearless Gems. Each day at camp we had two rotations a day and of course on the Tuesday we had our awesome Monster Course. Before we began the Monster Course, we went out to the air field and played some games. One of the highlight games was the egg toss.

From there we started the Monster Course in the muddiest place at The Summit, Mud Mounds! We split the three groups into two and were on our way. Us, coaches, were very impressed on how you all worked together to complete the obstacles. We were even more impressed with how you all responded when we told you we were running the Monster Course AGAIN. This time we joined forces and improved our time by 18 minutes! Amazing effort by everyone!!! Sadly day three came around to quickly and with it being the last day of camp.

We wasted no time and jumped into our last two activities. After some lunch we had one surprise left up our sleeve. Some of your tribe members, who represented the five keys throughout camp got to have a ride in our World War II army tank!!!

Thank you Naranga for coming and having a wonderful three days with us coaches.

  • Liv, Cam and Kati

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