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South Oakleigh College

On Wednesday 8th May, the students and teachers from South Oakleigh arrived at The Summit. The weather may not have been the best to start camp but that would not stop everyone getting out and beginning the camp with a name game and tribe name to start. Unicorns, Bhardwaj in Pj’s, Yung Family Friendly and the Chicken Nuggets were the tribe names chosen.

Snake and Nails saw a great number of people face some fears of snakes as the opportunity to handle one of the pet pythons and then walk across the bed of nails presented itself. The questions asked during these sessions really showed your interest in the session but more importantly the well-being of snakes. Cave was a great challenge under-ground, going into pure darkness and the unknown. Rock Wall was the first of the real challenge by choice activities, with the choice of what wall and how high to climb. Bush challenge was the first of the tribe challenges. The entire tribe needed to work together to complete the course. The results of bush were: Yung family friendly 37.48, Chicken Nuggets 31.23, Unicorns 29.41 and winning was Bhardwaj in Pj’s 26.16.

Abseil was the highest of the activities the camp would do. A great height with great view was the great reward for challenge the height fears. Tashes ladder had participant leaning forward to give everyone a wave 15 metres in the air from a ladder. Inflatables were a whole lot of fun racing through the course and playing foos-ball. Scavenger hunt was the next of the whole tribe challenges. Chicken nuggets holding the other teams up with a score of 390, Yung Family Friendly 460, Unicorns 540 and Bhardawj in Pj’s winning with 580 points.

Monster was wet, muddy and whole lot of fun and laughs for most. When the second lap was announced, this was the time to really dig deep and prove how much more you could improve. The results were impressive. Bhardwaj improved by 51 seconds, Yung Family Friendly improved by 5.55, Chicken Nuggets improved by 7.51 but not enough to beat Unicorns who improved by 12.12. Well done everyone for digging deep and pushing the comfort zone.

Values winners were voted for the person who lived by the five keys to camp. These people were voted by their tribe member and rewarded with a ride in the army tank. Well done to Rory, Nikitas, Angelique, Luke and Yang who were the values winners. Thank you again to all the students and teacher from South Oakleigh for coming to the Summit for your camp. We hope you stay connected and see you back at the summit in the near future, maybe even for the Summit Survivor in November.

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