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Brighton Secondary College – Camp 2

Monday signalled the start of Camp 2 for the Brighton Secondary Students! Though the weather wasn’t particularly great, the students had more than enough excitement to push through. Camp started with the introduction of the Five Keys; Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If.

Day ones’ focus was on Having Fun. The students were introduced to the goal setting strategy The Summit uses: Target, Stretch and Super Stretch. To start off camp, everyone did two rounds of initiatives, completing teamwork challenges: J-Bomb, Tiles, Treasure, Half Pipe, and Key Punch. After the initiatives, it was time for the first rotation of activities! We started the activities off with Flying Fox, High Wire, Summit Window, Scavenger Hunt, and, Giant Swing.

The tribes changes their names and would be known as the following for the rest of camp:

  1. The Ber Bers

  2. Donald Ducklings

  3. Chicken Crimpies

  4. Broccolini Guys

  5. Eeek

Day Two began with the introduction of Morning Intentions. The second key, Play All In, was also highlighted as a focus. After a game of 50 Up, it was then time to take on four rotations of activities planned for the day. All around the park, there were some epic things happening! Points being scored, fun being had, and fear being conquered. For some, the Summit Window really was a Super Stretch but by Playing All In, went further than they thought they could. Some awesome efforts from Josh and Grace did not go unnoticed! The Giant Swing also saw some fears being tested with the highest level! Kosta was one of those brave souls who went to Level 3 despite his fears! After lunch, a big game of Giants, Wizards, Dwarves was played. You could see the level of play and commitment by the number of slips and slides occurring, and the number of times the lead changed throughout the game. Though the winning team may have had the most number of people by the end of the last round, we believe though, everyone wins when they have fun and play all in. Continuing with the having fun and playing all in, a round of Tiggy was set up to finish the evening. Each round saw a different tribe be “It”. The first was a round of Toilet Tiggy, second was Scarecrow, third was Ballerina, fourth was Teapot, and fifth was Basketball.

Wednesday morning started the same as Tuesday but when it came to choosing a Morning Intention, it was to be very clear about what the intention was. A video staring Beyoncé and her song “I Was Here” helped form that clarity. After dicing who they were going to be today, it was time to play a game. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Chant helped everyone get the right mindset for the day. Three rotations for the morning saw the students taking on new activities: Abseil, Snowy River Challenge, Sky Bridge, Laser Skirmish, and, Leap of Faith. Abseil, Leap of Faith and Sky Bridge, were more chances to work on ending some peoples’ fears of heights, while Snowy River Challenge was 100% team work based, and Laser Skirmish was about having fun. After lunch, it was time for another game, this time Strategy Games. Tribes tried to come up with the best strategy to win the most cards. After several rounds, some awesome teamwork, and quite a few laughs, it was time to get back into the remaining two rotations for the day. By the end of Day Three, the students had already done 10 activities, and played several games!

The morning on Day Four started with a video and a self-assessment on how everyone was feeling (1-10; 1 being the worst day ever, 10 being the best day of their life). The takeaway message was that everyone has control over their number and their day. The challenge was to find the extraordinary in the ordinary throughout the day. Once in the park, a game of Huckle Buckle was played! After a few more slips and a lot more laughs, it was time to start some new activities! The morning saw three rotations of Inflatables, Rock Wall, Cave, Orienteering, and, Bush Challenge. After lunch was Tribe Challenges, round-robin style of some fun games. First was Dodge Ball. We had to make a sixth team and, looking around, there were plenty of Teachers and Coaches ready and willing to play! After Dodge Ball was a game of Naughts and Crosses! Each tribe sending out three members to recreate that three-in-a-row to claim the win. The best of five saw a few spills, a little bit of push and shove and a whole lot of laughs! The third and final challenge was some good old Tug of War. It was as much as a test of strength as it was a test of balance on the slippery ground! This didn’t stop the teachers and coaches as they took the slippery end and still won! For one final effort, it was all in – half on each side of the rope! Mud and water was flying. It was the perfect warmup for the Monster Course! The Monster Course had students filling things up, carrying tyres, throwing things, dragging, climbing, and getting covered in mud! The real challenge of the Monster Course is completing the second lap. Doing things once is easy but doing something again, after you’re already wet and tired and cold is the real test of character.

The last day of camp started with gratitude. Students got thinking about what they were grateful for and why. Then it was game time – Fridays’ game was Jockeys. It was then time to complete the last two rotations of activities. Though people were tired, they continued to push themselves to try their best! Taylah and Finlay reached the top of both walls at the Rock Wall! Before we knew it, everyone was back at the stage, having completed all the challenges The Summit had thrown their way. It was then time for a wrap up, results and then onto the busses headed for home!

A huge thankyou to all the staff and students from Brighton S.C. Camp 2!

  • Jackie, Liv, Kyle, Kati, Paul, Ash, Maddi


Scavenger Hunt Points

  1. 860

  2. 960

  3. 1045

  4. 650

  5. 948

Tiggy (people left standing)

  1. 13

  2. 16

  3. 11

  4. 11

  5. 15

Strategy Games – Combined Points

  1. 109

  2. 100

  3. 134

  4. 142

  5. 118

Orienteering Points

  1. 62

  2. 59

  3. 53

  4. 55

  5. 52

Snowy River Challenge Times

  1. 23:24

  2. 17:16

  3. 16:17

  4. 27:59

  5. 21:42

Bush Challenge Times

  1. 23:47

  2. 21:07

  3. 23:04

  4. 25:15

  5. 25:27

Monster Course Improvement Times

  1. 4:15

  2. 4:16

  3. 7:06

  4. 6:28

  5. 5:53

Value Winners

  1. Taylah

  2. Callan

  3. Yasmin

  4. John

  5. Frenchie

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