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Drouin Primary School

It has been a pleasure having the students and teachers from Drouin P.S at The Summit for their grade five 3 day camp. The weather may have been cold but the warmth and eagerness of everyone made for a fun three days at camp. Each tribe began their camp with the choosing of a tribe name. Unstoppables, Survivors, Warriors and Legendary were the tribe names that were created.

Laser Skirmish had tribe talking tactics as they battled to find out which tribe was supreme in the strategies they chose. Giant Swing was a choice of three heights, where the tribe pulled a pair up to their desired heights and laughed as people screamed with joy and fear. Great tribe effort getting everyone to their height they wanted to go to. High wire had everyone get their inner circus performer on, as participants walked out on the wire to meet up with their friend coming from the other side. Bush Challenge was the first of the tribe challenges to involve everyone together working to get the quickest tribe time against the other tribes. The results were : Warriors in 48.31, Legendary in 42.23, Unstoppables in 41.15 and winning were Survivors in 37.43.

Inflatables was a fun activity being a human foosball player or racing through the adrenalin rush obstacle course. Tash’s Ladder saw participant climb to the top of the Rock wall tower and continue up a ladder towards the sky to then take their hands off if they wanted to. So many brave students and teachers tried their best to get to the top and took their hands off. Abseiling was thrilling for everyone who ventured up to the top of the big tower to receive a high five or descend the tower for the abseiling. There was so much encouragement around the tower not only from the Drouin Primary School students but also from the other school. Photo Scavenger hunt had tribe member venture around The Summit park find photo opportunities for points. This was the second of the tribe challenges. Equal third place went to Warriors and legendary on 480 points, second place went to Survivors with 520 points and winning was Unstoppables with 580 points. And then Monster Course!!! It was time to get muddy and wet and The Summit team could not hold back the students from embracing the play all in and covering themselves with mud before the course had even started. Each tribe improved by at least 4.54, so well to each tribe. Unstoppable improved by 4.54, Warriors improved by 6.02, Survivors improved by 8.27 but taking it out was Legendary who improved by 10.16.

At the end of camp and after the “world’s greatest it was time to vote for a winner of the five keys from The Summit. The student who was voted from their tribe member would receive a hot lap in the army tank. Congratulations to Hayley, Noah, Mackayla and Robbie. Thank you everyone from Drouin Primary School for attending The Summit camp. We look forward to seeing you here again soon.

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