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Knox Garden Primary School

On Monday the 24th June the grade sixes and their teachers from Knox Garden Primary School arrived at The Summit ready for an adventurous five day school camp.

The weather proved to be great throughout the five days while the nights got chilly. With so much excitement, it was straight into initiatives and activities with the renaming of each of the three tribes. We welcomed Trees, Tactical Turtles and Kangaboos as the official tribe names. The Inflatable human foosball players raced through the adrenalin rush to see who was a fastest purple or blue team. Photo Scavenger hunt saw tribe racing around the camp looking for clues for points. Tactical Turtles got 480 points, Trees got 610 and winning was Kangaboos with 800 points. Snowy River challenge was first tribe/timed challenge with everyone working together to get through an obstacle course together. Tactical Turtles did the course in 35.50, Kangaboos did it in 31.43 and winning in a time of 25.31 was the Trees.

Tuesday saw the High Wire Challenge which had pairs climb a ladder and tree to then walk out to the middle to meet up with their friend and receive a high five. The cave was all about the unknown and trusting in us, coaches, to follow the directions and get to the bunker room. So many brave students completed the cave and surprised themselves in what they could do. Tash’s Ladder was the highest activity of the new rotations as students climbed the small tower to then continue to climb the ladder straight up into the sky. There was a Tic Tac toe competition, each tribe would compete to find the ultimate champion. Trees won all the way, with Kangaboos winning their first match and Tactical Turtles coming in third.

Wednesday was the first look at Rockwall challenge to climb the wall to the desired height each student wanted to get. Abseiling was the first time students would climb the big tower to then lower themselves down the 20 metre wall. Giant Swing was the thrill for so many students as they could choose what height they wanted to be released from with the help of the tribe members. The tribe flags were created and looked amazing for the rest of camp. Timmay was so sorry he was not there on Wednesday.

Back to it on Thursday. Leap of faith was the first activity to see students jump for a monkey bar and trust in the leap they took. Laser Skirmish was a lot of fun with some great battles and sniper shooters amongst the tribes. Snake and Nails saw some fear of pain or snake being tackled as everyone braved walking across the bed of nails and holding one of our resident pythons. The last of the activities would see Flying Fox participants soar across the sky, through trees and across the lake. The Summit Window was the highest activity for camp as tribe member climbed the top of the big tower to then take in the view while leaning back. Bush Challenge was the last rotation of the tribe/timed activities. Kangaboos took 48.07 to complete the course with Tactical Turtles taking 35.51 and Trees taking 34.04 to complete the course. Well done everyone. There was a strategic battle with cards. Kangaboos scored 102 cards, trees scored 108 cards but strategy was best done by Tactical Turtles who scored 148 cards.

Monster Course was an epic battle. The optional mud fight (which Timmay got ambushed by everyone especially Phoenix) was a lot of fun. The time improvement was brilliant. 5 minute improvement went to Kangaboos, with Tress improving by 5 10 and Tactical Turtles improving by an amazing 8 40. Well done everyone. At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a member in the tribe who lived by the five keys. These students would be rewarded with a ride in the WWII army tank. Congratulations to Storm, Emily, Tammy, Liam and Tamara. All did an amazing effort throughout camp.

Thank you for coming to The Summit.

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