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John Fawkner College

First week back for term three and we were lucky enough to have John Fawkner’s year 12s come to The Summit for a three day camp.

With two groups, the banter and competition was at a whole time high.

We started day one with some initiatives, where the two teams had to start working together to achieve a common goal. It was also the time we decided on our team names for camp. We had Dimi and The Potatoes Gems and The Cool Cats.

We set out to complete our first two activities which were Flying fox and Bush Challenge. Bush Challenge was another opportunity for the teams to work together, whereas Flying Fox gave the year 12s their first taste of heights for camp. Well done to The Cool Cats for winning the Bush Challenge by FIVE SECONDS. Day one went all too fast, with everyone now settled into camp we all were very excited for day two.

Day two was filled with Leaping, Swinging, Caving and a team favourite Laser Skirmish. The competition peaked in the afternoon when we went head to head for the Monster Course. There was so much energy and support during the Monster Course and everyone absolutely smashed it. It was definitely a surprise to you all when we told you that we would be running the course a second time! However you all dug deep and found the resistance to push through another lap and congratulations for beating that first time!

Day three and the last day of camp. Feeling the full effects of the Monster Course from the day before, everyone was feeling a little sore and little tired. People did start to come alive when the competition arose again, this time in the form of Giants, Wizards and Dwarfs. Our last two activities to complete were Highwire and Inflatables, no surprises that you all smashed them out of the park. From there, we acknowledged four team members that had done an outstanding job here on camp. Well done to Dimi, Angela, Haliey C and Alex. These legends got to have a ride in our Army Tank and crush a car.

Thank you John Fawnker College for starting term three off awesome.

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