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Armadale Primary School

On the 22nd July, the students and teachers from Armadale P.S grade 5/6 arrived at The Summit. Once settled in, it was time to complete two initiatives and design a tribe flag to go with the new tribe names:- Uninoodles, Dim Sims, Turtles, Drop Bears and Bread Box Pirates.

Flying fox was a great activity for all. Everyone was really enjoying the freedom of flying through the air over the lake to the cheer of their tribes. Cave was the adventure underground into the unknown. Highwire had everyone finding their inner circus performer as they made their way up onto the Highwire before meeting up with a friend to give a high five. Leap of faith was a real challenge in the fact you had to trust in yourself to take the leap out to the bar or off the platform, either way taking the leap of faith. Photo scavenger hunt had each tribe racing around the camp finding and demonstrating tasks for point, sometime even dumping their face in the cold lake water for 50 points. The winners were as follows: - Drop Bear 790, Uninoodles 730, Turtles 670, Bread Box Pirates 620 and Dim Sims 520.

Throughout camp, there was a lot of World’s Greatest, poping up sometimes in the lodge, at the stage, at the tank, breakfast, lunch, morning teas. Snake and Nails saw some serious bravery shine through on walking on the nails or holding the pet pythons. Rock Wall was a great challenge by choice, in that you could choose between multiple options depending on your own target, stretch and super stretch. Summit window was the highest activity for the camp as we all ventured to the top of the big tower to then go even higher of the platform for the window. The sights were worth the climb up with the feeling of being on top of the world. Laser Skirmish was a lot of fun, shooting each other and sometime even getting to shoot your teachers. Inflatables was a lot of bouncing, blow up fun as we all played foosball and raced through the adrenalin rush in our tag team battles.

Sky bridge saw each person make their way across the wobbly bridge, one foot in front of the other, sometimes falling but getting straight back up again to continue their journey. Giant swing was such a thrill as the whole tribe was involved with getting each pair to the desired level, then releasing themselves to soar to great heights, all in the while screaming with joy or fear to everyone’s enjoyment. Abseil was back on the big tower but this time it was to lean over the edge to make your way down the outside all under control of yourselves and the coach at the top. Snowy River was another of the tribe challenges with water involved, walls, wire bridges, swings and the dark wombat hole to finish. The results were: - Bread Box Pirates 17. 40, Dim Sims 18 14, Turtles 21.10, Drop Bears 25.05 and Uninoodles 27.28. Bush challenge was also a tribe challenge with mud walls, foam pits, wire walks, memory gams and the puzzle to be solved at the end. The results for the bush challenge were: - Dim Sims 24.36, Drop Bears 24.44, Uninoodles 25.10, Bread Box Pirates 25.26 and Turtles 26.43.

The Monster Course was the last of the tribe challenges and the activity everyone had been ask about all week. It was the timed activity everyone thought was against everyone else but learnt it was about you being the best you could be. Everyone had fun and was muddy and wet from head to toe. Here it the results for monster : -Drop Bears -10.43, Dim Sims -9.20, Bread Box Pirates -7.36, Uninoodles -4.38 and Turtles -4.05.

At the end of camp everyone voted for a tribe member who lived the five keys and their own tribe values. Those individuals were rewarded with a ride in the Summit’s WWII tank. Congratulations to Daniel, Zach, Imogen, Julia and Tom.

Remember to stay connected and the five keys :- Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t go home Wondering What If.

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