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Bayside College – Altona Campus

It was a windy wet day for the return of Bayside college –Altona Campus for their year third Summit Camp. The weather did not affect the excitement of camp for the students and their teachers as they all ventured into the initiatives and naming their tribe, all before rotations of activities. Fobalious and Bok Choy Tigers were created as the tribe names and identities.

Flying Fox saw everyone souring through trees and over lakes to the landing platform and cheers of each tribe member. There was even enough time for some teachers to test out the lungs as they screamed their way down the flying fox. High Wire had two tribe members climb to a balancing wire to meet in the middle for the glory of the high five and a chance to lay on the wire and find their inner circus performer.

Sky Bridge was a bridge which had many finding the balance as they made their way across the suspension bridge while tethered to a cable above them. Some may have fallen but never gave up on reaching their target, stretch or super stretch. Cave had tribe members venturing into a cave by themselves to reach a bunker in the unknown of darkness. Sometimes it was hard not to laugh as tribe members came through the cave singing, telling themselves a joke or just talking to themselves to calm themselves down.

Giant Swing was a Huge thrill as pairs were hauled up to a desired height by their tribe members and then pulling a release cord to swing from a great height, all in the while screaming with joy or fear to the laughter of their friends. Snowy River challenge was the first of the tribe/timed challenges. This mini obstacle course had tribes walking across wooden poles over water, over walls, across wire bridge swinging and crawling through holes to finish as quickly as they could. Fobalious finished in a time of 39.27 with Bok Choy Tigers finishing in 27.13. To finish of day two of camp, everyone was involved in the Monster Course. This course was an obstacle course all around The Summit park. Some were excited about the thoughts of muddy, wet obstacles, some not so. Everyone did so well but there could only be one winner. Bok Choy Tigers improved by 6.03 where Fobalious improved by 6.32. Congratulations to Fobalious for your win.

Last day of camp saw the last two activities completed. Abseil was the last of the high activities as tribes made their way to the top of the big tower the abseil down, some for the first time ever abseiling. Inflatables was the last activity where fun was the main focus, fun foosball and adrenalin racing through the inflatable course. At the end of the activities each tribe voted for a tribe values winner. These people would be acknowledged for the amazing camp spirit and living by the five keys throughout camp. They had Fun, Played All In, Made Mistakes, Got Comfortable being Uncomfortable and will not have any regrets. Well done to Jacob and Pita for your amazing efforts and rewarded with the ride in the Summit WWII army tank.

Thank you again to the students and teachers from Bayside. We look forward to seeing you again at The Summit to once again Unleash your Greatness.

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