Charles La Trobe

Charles La Trobe visited The Summit for the first time last week and we were very excited to show them what a great time they could have. With only such a small group joining us we all got to know each other really well.

We split the groups into two tribes, we had the Mad Kebabs and the Vegemite’s. Each tribe got to participate in all of the activities we did, these included: Highwire and Cave on the first day, giving us our first taste of heights and then polar opposite of going underground. Leap of faith and Laser Skirmish. One focused on an individual’s fears and goals, whereas Laser was all about having fun within a team. Giant Swing had us again conquering our fear of heights and Bush Challenge put our team work to the test before taking on the Monster Cours

e. The Monster Course did put a lot of you outside your comfort zone straight away. However everyone who gave it a go did a great job and especially those who stuck around for the second lap. Friday came super quick and before we knew it, the end of camp was approaching. First we had to tackle the Summit Window which is at the peak of The Summit and Inflatables, an activity designed for pure fun. Before we said our official goodbyes we wanted to acknowledge some tribe members that had been standouts on camp. Sarah, Emily, Danielle and Isabelle were nominated be their tribes and as a reward we gave them a ride in our WWII army tank! From there it was time to say our final goodbyes and head onto the bus home.

Thank you Charles La Tribe for coming to the Summit and having a great time with us.

  • Liv and Erin

Bush Challenge

1st- Mad Kebabs

2nd- Vegemite’s

Monster Improvement time

  • 21.30min

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