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October 29, 2019


On Monday 14th of October the students and teachers from Lyndhurst Primary School arrived at The Summit Camp for their grade 6 camp. Over the five days at camp everyone would have the opportunity to participate in 18 different activities and the Monster Course.

After the first activities were completed each tribe of students deliberated over a new tribe name and would later create a tribe flag passing it onto someone in their tribe was outstanding during that activity. Fearless 13, K.A.C, I.D.K, Wild Warriors, Flying Echidnas and Potato Warriors were the new tribe names.

Here are the results from camp for tribe challenges.

Snowy River Challenge:  Wild Warriors got a time of 43.14, Flying Echidnas got a time of 41.45, Potato Warriors got a time of 41.03, Fearless 13 got a time of 35.35, I.D.K got a time of 32.07 and winning was K.A.C with a time of 30.31.

Bush Challenge: - Wild Warriors 41.28, Flying Echidnas 40.49, Potato Warriors 37.14, K.A.C 37.02, Fearless 13 35.04 and winning was I.D.K who took 28.32 to complete the course.

Monster :- Wild Warriors 42.00, Potato Warriors 41.22, K.A.C 40.45, I.D.K 38.48,Fearless 13 36.52 and winning the monster course was Flying Echidnas in a great time of 33.25 to complete the course.

Individual achievement winner were rewarded with a hot lap in the army tank. Congratulations to Medi, Rishard, Reece, Leonz, Anya, Charlie and Kadoo for a brilliant effort at the Summit camp.

Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit and played so hard. With the amount of G.M.I.C we read out, it truly highlights the great work so many people contributed to their tribe.

Remember to stay connected with The Summit and we look forward to seeing again soon.

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