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Footscray City College

Footscray City College arrived in style for a 3 day camp, eager to get out and play in our epic environment built to challenge and test personal beliefs, fears and facilitate fun! The first day kicked off with 5 insane activities: Summit Window, Bush Challenge, Flying Fox, High Wire and Inflatable City. These rotations challenged our tribes in a variety of high intensity games, heights and small obstacle challenges.

Tribes renamed themselves and identified by some interesting and creative names that had them rallied up to be the best and greatest in timed activities. Bush Challenge was a clear example of how they came together as individuals to complete a goal as a team with some outstanding results;

Team Champions 26.15min

Mosquitos 26.19min

Gator Squad 34.44min

Lunchtime 22.36

Outback 6’s 20.30

Day 2 we were ready for a jam packed and wildly fun day completing our final set of first activities and starting 5 new rotations; Leap of Faith, Laser Skirmish, Sky Bridge, Snake and Nails and Rock Wall, coupled with a crazy Mud Run, Minute to Win it and an unforgettable Mousse Fight! Our day was based on getting comfortable being uncomfortable, making mistakes and learning how we respond to situations, from the feelings we felt whilst participating and completing such activities.

There were incredible leaps from 9m high on the tower, fears faced whilst handling a 2m python, and courage and determination displayed whilst crossing the ever so wobbly Sky Bridge. Everybody was playing and giving it there best shot to achieve a Target, Stretch Or Super stretch before getting down and dirty in the mud later in the afternoon.

With smiles on faces and mud dripping from all surfaces of the body the epic year 9s gave the Monster challenge everything they had. Teamwork and personal performance was evaluated and discussed before being surprised with the fact their time was not against other teams but the time for them to improve on, when running it for a second time! Mixed emotions weere felt as tribes rallied together and backed each other to support members through every obstacle again and smash their original times. With a minimum improvement of 4mins the tribes improved as followed:

Team Champions 6.43min

Mosquitos 9.43min

Gator Squad 4.50min

Lunchtime 6.45min

Outback 6’s 7.05min

Just when it seemed like the day couldn’t create any more memories and crazy experiences, an epic night of chocolate smooshing and throwing, head bobbing chaos was enjoyed by all.

Day 3 dawned upon us quicker than expected as final activities where completed and all you pushed yourselves one last time to not go home wondering what if? With new friendships built, fears faced and plenty of laughs shared we wrapped up the incredible few days with each other by celebrating outstanding efforts from members of our tribe. These value winners took every opportunity to live by our camp values and demonstrate what it takes to live and grow outside your comfort zone. Rhuben, Harvey, Amelia, Krystal, Jade and Jay deserved every bit of acknowledgment and were rewarded with an epic hot lap in our WWII army tank to celebrate their efforts!

We loved having everyone of you and all the personality, willingness, uniqueness and smiles you brought to us all. Keep being wild, courageous and fearless!

Your summit Team

Mia, Timmy, Erin, Phoebe, Jac.

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