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Montmorency Secondary College

Montmorency Secondary College had a blast on their three day camp at The Summit. From the moment we met the year nines we knew they were here to have a great time.

With an action packed program, we jumped straight into our activities. To kick things off, we competed a super quick initiative which got our new tribe to think together in order to accomplish the task in front of them. Once our new tribes were formed and named, it was time for activities.

Over the next three days our activity line up included Leap of Faith, Bush Challenge, Giant Swing, Cave, Abseil, Snake and Nails, High Wire, Scavenger Hunt, Sky Bridge and Flying Fox. On the first day we already smashed out two of those activities finishing the day off with a swim in the lake to cool off. Not only did we have awesome activities during the day but we had some special stuff planned for you all at night as well: warming up with a few rounds of Minute to Win It leading us to our epic Choc Moose fight in the arena. The energy was intense and, as soon as the air horn blew, it was game on. Chocolate Moose was going everywhere and everyone involved was loving every minute of it.

Day two, and it was going to be a scorcher. After completing our four activities for the day, the coaches thought there was no better way to cool down then with a massive water fight. From there it was time to take on our epic Monster Course. This is where we saw the tribes pull together and support one another to determine the real winner of the Monster Course, we ran it a SECOND TIME. After our laps we all deserved a swim, so to the lake we went.

That night we had a Belief and Mindset session run by our very own Matt and Maddi. They talked about limiting and empowering beliefs and it was up to us to break through those limiting beliefs. We did this by literally breaking a board.

Day three, which meant it was the last day of camp. Everyone smashed through their last two activities using all the knowledge they had learnt whilst being here at The Summit. We all had lunch as the coaches told you your results. The coaches also had one more surprise to tell you all. One tribe member from each tribe was voted in as being the stand out tribe member. Well done to Indiana, Tilly, Harry, Moses, India, Erin, Brooke, Zara, Zak and Louise. These awesome legends got to have a ride in our army tank while we all got to cheer them on.

Bush Challenge

1st- Sweaty 20

2nd- Fat

3rd- Sheep Shearers

4th- We don’t talk about it

5th- Ka Ka

6th- 7/11

7th- Nando Buckets

8th- Carbs

Monster Course improvement times

1st- 7/11

2nd- Sweaty 20

3rd- Fat

4th-Team Crabs

5th- Nandos Buckets

6th- Kaka

7th- Power Rangers

8th- 1

9th- We don’t talk about it

10th- Sheep Shearers

Thank you again to Montmorency for coming to camp and bringing all the fun.

  • Liv, Matt, Maddi, Mia, Tim, Kyle, Cam, Ash, Liam, Nik, Phoebe, Erin and Talia

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