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Clifton Hill Primary School

It was a great warm welcome to the students and teachers/parent helpers from Clifton Hills Primary School as they embarked on their first camp to The Summit. The weather on Wednesday started warm but only got colder as the days went by. This did not stop the fun of camp as each tribe came up with their tribe name and identity. Tellie Tubbie Toes, Chocolate Unicows, Square Potatoes, Pretty Pink Pegasus, Dumplings and the Bush Chooks were the names of the tribes.

Bush challenge was the first of the tribe challenges. Here are the full results of the bush challenge:- Tellie Tubbie Toes 28.06, Dumplings 26.50, Bush Chooks 25.20, Pretty Pink Pegasus came in third with 25.17, Chocolate Unicows got second in 23.54 and winning was the Square Potatoes in a great time of 23.50. Well done to everyone!

So many people braved the cold water in the thrills of the Water Slide. Screams could be heard across the lake from excitement of sliding down the slide with a friend to experience it with. So many people got to have a second and sometimes even a third go.

Laser was a lot a fun and there was a lot of “trash talking” out on the field. Everyone were comparing their skirmish statistic, none more so than the teachers and parent and helpers as they “dominated the stats against their student”.

The Monster Course was electric as all tribes smashed out the course and having a ball while doing it. Each tribe believed they were out to beat the tribes, but as we all found out it was about you beating your own tribe’s time. Here is the result of the difference from first lap to second lap”- Bush Chooks with an improvement of 2.14, Tellie Tubbie Toes improved by 5.00, Square Potatoes improved by 6.43, third went to Dumplings with a great improvement time of 7.52, second went to Chocolate Unicows with an improvement of 8.34 but taking it out was Pretty Pink Pegasus with an improvement of 12.22. Well done everyone who completed both laps.

At the end of camp each tribe voted for a member in their tribe who Had Fun, Played All In, Made Mistakes, Got Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not leaving camp wondering If. These amazing people were Phoebe, Remi, Joel, Kira, Penelope, Lauri, Fin, Tilly and Jeremy.

Thank you again to everyone who came to camp. We all look forward to seeing you again at The Summit in the near future.

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