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Monterey Secondary College

Monterey Secondary College year 9s, you are an epic group of 30, that achieved some wild and personally challenging feats. Across the 3 days here at The Summit you swung, shot, climbed, leaped and walked your way through 8 activities that tested you in a variety of ways.

The Giant Swing created a lot of memories between the running to get team mates up to their swing position and some epic trigger-pulls with deafening screams. A big shout out to Jesse, Kristy, Madz and Storm for your efforts on The Giant Swing, believing in yourself and giving it a go! It was so awesome to see you conquering a fear and encouraging each other to achieve a larger goal.

Day 2 had you all getting more confident and determined to unleash your greatness! With your bellies full of croissants and coffee, we set an intention and felt ready to get out and start the day. All of you came out ready to do some insane things, Dev even super-super stretched and climbed the high wire blindfolded to dance and test his trust in the ropes.

There was a lot of bravery and character shown by Selina and Noah high up between these trees as well… conquering fears and smashing goals they laughed before leaving the ground! There were not only incredible challenges for you as individuals to complete, but 2 challenges that brought you together as a team and challenged the type of person you were, are or are trying to become. A huge congratulations for all your determination, team work and fun brought to the team challenges. Ouga Booga, and Macca Pacca both took out 1 challenge each.

With the legends from Ouga Booga, hustling hard to improve on Monster they took 6.55mins of their original lap. Macca Pacca, although you did not improve your time in the second lap, you definitely improved your team work and the smiles grew twice as big, making it very clear, you learnt that being part of a team is more about sticking together and having fun!

It was a day filled with many achievements and some brilliant moments in free time including Britt and Alyssa’s belly slide through the mud pile with the biggest smile and mouth full of mud! Thank you for playing all in ladies and bringing the fun to the small moments. A big Whoo hoo from us to you Pepper for your jump in leap of faith and really getting comfortable being uncomfortable!

By the time Day 3 came around, we were not eager to say our goodbyes. The courage, determination and laughter, you brought to the activities, made it a pleasure to hang out with you, legends.

There were so many goals achieved, perspectives challenged and new discoveries about just how capable you are. With a few more slips and falls off The Sky Bridge and some flying across the lake, we ended camp over near the tower that brought out so many fears, ready to spectate our WWII army tank! Selina and Britt, you were awesome at following our keys and deserved the reward of one last experience here at The Summit!

A huge thanks from Mia and Erin, we hope you keep pushing your boundaries, strengthening your connections with one another and achieving your I’m-possibles!

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