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Warracknabeal Secondary School

It has been a pleasure once again to have the students and teachers from Warracknabeal Secondary at The Summit for their five day camp. Arriving on Sunday was a little different for everyone but had no change on the enthusiasm for camp. After a treasure initiative and coming up with the 15th different way of doing the treasure challenge, it was time to complete the first of the activities in the Bush Challenge. It was great time of 35.29 with 21 students going through the course and helping each other.

The introduction of the “Me you, you me” name game had some confused and laughing at forgetting their own name. Tiles and half pipe was no match for the tribe work of everyone crushing the challenges. Inflatables was a lot of fun with foosball and adrenalin rush, well competed by everyone with a few brilliant goals being scored from the backs/goalies.

Laser tag was all about the trash talk and shooting for glory. So many great potential armed force recruits from Warracknabeal, that is for sure. Sky Bridge was all about taking the steps on whatever journey was necessary to make it out onto the wobbly bridge, walk and if you fall to get back up again and try a new strategy. Leap of faith was jumping for what you wanted, both at camp and also what you want in life, big, small or personal goals. If you want it bad enough, do not let anything get in the way of your dreams.

High wire was so amazing to watch while the growth and self-belief really started to show through. You not only believed in yourself but the rest of the tribe to really look after you when walking out and laying on the wire, eight meters off the ground. Rock wall was a challenge by choice, to determine what you wanted to achieve and what route you would take to get to the desired height you were searching for.

Snake and nails was a different challenge, in that it was a lot of mind over matter and staying calm when things might feel uncomfortable. You all did an amazing job during this session. Flying fox was all about the joy of souring through the air and just having fun doing it.

Last day of camp was all about the BIG! Giant swing was a thrill with a free fall drop and swing to new heights. Finally, let’s not forgets the journey travel up to the Rockets nest, in search of the best view The Summit could offer. So many truly brave moments throughout both these activities. To finish of camp, it was time for an epic Monster Course challenge with mud, water, crawls, tribe work and continuous encouragement while being quiet uncomfortable. Thank you again to all the students and teachers from Warracknabeal Secondary. We look forward to seeing you back at The Summit next year.

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