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It has been a pleasure having the students and teachers from Altona College at The Summit for the past 3 days. With an electric feel in the air it was straight into the initiatives and activities. During the first rotations of activities it was time to find a tribe name. Welcome Waka Waka, Goat, Nick The Horse and Michaels Banana Socks.

Giant Swing saw everyone souring to new height as the tribe mates helped to get you to the desired height. Lots of screams and laughter and the screams were heard from everyone. High wire was a real mental challenge, as each person climbed up to a wire to walk out to the middle with a friend; all while being belayed by tribe members. Inflatables were a friendly competition of foosball within tribes and adrenalin rush throughout all the time. Bush Challenge was the first of the tribe challenges for time and competition between tribe. Waka Waka came forth in a time of 40.25, Michaels Banana Socks were third in 34.18, Nick the Horse was second in 33.29 and winning was Goat in 22.55.

Leap of Faith had many push them outside that comfort zone as they leaped from the tower to the monkey bar or stepping off for the Leap of Faith. Flying Fox had everyone soaring over the lake and through the trees like a majestic bird. Summit Window was the highest of the activities. Climbing 22.5 metres was worth the view from the top of the big tower, taking in all the natural beauty surrounding The Summit. Laser Skirmish was a great shoot out with teachers wanting and getting an opportunity to pretend shoot students.

Monster Run was a brilliant contest with everyone competing against each tribe to get the best improvement time and not the fast single time. The results were as follows: - Goat improved by 10 33, Nick the horse 11.16, Waka Waka 11.08 and winning was Michaels Banana Socks 11.29.

At the end of camp each tribe voted for a member who lived by the five keys the most. These people were rewarded with a ride in the army tank. Congratulation to Hannah, Lachlan, Alisha and Michael. Thank you everyone who came to the summit from Altona. We look forward to seeing you back at The Summit next year.

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