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Glen Waverley Secondary College

Monday Morning welcomed Glen Waverley to The Summit for an action packed 2 legendary days camp!

Straight off the bus and the team got settled into their accommodations The day kicked off with the introduction to the five Keys:

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Have fun,

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Play all in,

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Make lots of mistakes,

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Get comfortable being uncomfortable

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Don’t go home wondering what if.

We split up into our groups and went into our initiatives. Soon after, we learnt about a new goal setting technique called “target – stretch – super stretch”! Then, we were ready to get out on the activities that made up for a wild day of fun, laughs and epic challenges!

The groups had 3 rotations of The Sky Bridge, where the students really challenged themselves and set their target – stretch – super stretch pushing themselves right out of their comfort zone. Some students were even going across the bridge one handed or walking backwards to some walking across blindfolded. The resilience and determination within this group was incredible – you, guys, showed that when you get knocked down you get straight back up and keep moving forward, and that momentum and moving forward is key. We, then, had some Bush Laser, where lots of smiles and laughs were seen out in the bush. Our third rotation was The Snowy River Challenge, where the group really came together as a team and demonstrated some great support and communication towards one another.

The day was flying by real quick as we went into a new set of activities and the students went into new groups for these activities. Each one has experienced The Giant Swing, The Cave and The High Wire.

Then, before we knew it, it was that time of the afternoon - time to get wet, muddy, and have some epic fun. It was our MONSTER COURSE TIME! Students swapped back into their house colours to compete in The Monster Course. It was all about the team work, the resilience, the encouragement, giving each other the support in the course. The team that gives and pushes through together is the ultimate team that gives the best time! All teams did demonstrate these attributes and it was incredible too see all the laughs, and smiles along the way, as well couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of legends to play all in on The Monster Course! After hard work in the course everyone got rewarded to have some fun and play in the lake till dinner time and to recover for another action packed day next morning!

Day 2 Rolled around starting with morning intentions and choosing our intention for the day of “who we wanted to be” and “what we wanted out of our day”. Then we were on our way to start our epic day of 5 rotations! We split back into our groups, where we then finished of flying through the Giant Swing and really giving it everything we had in our tanks to get our friends to green! We climbed up the trees at high wire like champions, we overcame the wobbles, we let our hands go. We really learnt to trust each other and came together as a team, because without the team we wouldn’t have gotten up to do the high wire. Then got to experience what it was like in The Cave, overcoming the unknown, and, as leaders, it’s important for us to see how you respond to the unknown.

After a morning tea, we had a whole lot of new rotations to go into and we changed groups one last time into year levels to finish of camp. These rotations were having some fun and flying across our lake on The Flying Fox, as well as pushing yourselves on The Summit Window, where many students that had previously done The Window challenged themselves this time too not only taking both hands of the pole but also managed to get a foot off as well, very well done team! We learnt in this activity that it was about trusting ourselves and backing our own ability because you, guys, are all legends, you just need to believe it! Then lastly we had Snake and Nails! We met some of our snake friends and walked across our nail board!

What a crazy, amazing action packed 2 days! Thank you all so much for the those 2 days I hope you learnt some things while you were here and also had a balling time with lots of laughs and smiles and playing all in and created memories that will last a life time.


Snowy River Challenge:

Group 1A Bradmond / Elliot 22.52

Group 2A Fraser 24.56

Group 3A Goolangoo / Elliot 22.23


Bradmond / Elliot 46.12

Fraser 40.35

Goolangoo / Elliot 45.28

Values Winner: Casey, Sahib, Mahammed

Many thanks and Best wishes from The Summit team! Until next time, Glen Waverley! Trinette, Erin, Marcus, Nik and Jackie

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