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Kurunjang Secondary College

Marching your way straight to the tents camp began with some lunch eating, getting used to the hot day and preparing yourselves for a whole heap of challenges. After introducing the five keys everyone headed out in the park, where the two groups played an initiative each. From that point on, we had Team Swomp and the Hakuna Makinibottoms.

On the first day of camp everyone got to climb the big tower to The Summit Window and to play a few games of Laser Skirmish. Team Swomp had all the fun on the Laser Skirmish field, running around in their camo gear.

When the Hakuna Makinibottoms were about to start it began to rain, so an alternative Laser field was found inside the Blue Snowy Tent.

Summit Window really got you thinking about what you were capable of and some incredible goals were achieved by the end of the day. Free time started and in the evening continued with some very long hours of chatting and silly fun in the tents. Maybe even a bit longer than the teachers expected!

Although, it was a big night, you were ready for Day two, 4 new activities to offer plus The Monster Course at the end. After setting some intentions to not only win the morning but win the day, we set out to your first activities Abseil and Snake & Nails with a belly full of croissants, yogurt and cereal. At Snake & Nails everyone got the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone when they were walking on nails and holding The Summits coastal carpet python snake Mitch. Whilst Abseil had most of you complete your first stage of spy training, completing a 22 m decent of our big tower, some even challenged their fear of heights and came to check out the view.

After some super delicious chicken rolls we got straight back into the afternoon where we noticed you starting to realise of what you were capable of as a team. Whether running each other to amazing heights to swing from, spotting each other over walls or crawling through a muddy dark tunnel, we were impressed to be seeing you all at your best and truly allowing yourselves to get comfortable being uncomfortable!

All we can say is That Monster Course you ran was EPIC! We talked about making camp great (not just good), and, it was clear to us, it meant something to you during the challenge. Mud flying, smiles growing and bonds being built - it was a pretty fantastic way to sum up lap 1. But when you dug deep, took on the challenge to see what you were capable of, after thinking you had given it your all, ended up all improving by a huge 8 mins with only 8 seconds difference between the two teams!

After such a huge day you deserved all the rest you could get! Full of pasta, garlic bread and salad, there was no better way to finish Tuesday but with a funny movie for all to slumber in The Blue Room and watch. Coach Phoebe even stayed and watched it too!

Last day of camp started with a chat about giving and receiving compliments and we all focused on all the things have and get to do with our day! Excited by your last opportunity to Play All In with us and leave with no regrets. You had us just as excited as yourselves for the final activities Leap of Faith and Inflatables.

Achieving your T, S or SS right to the end of camp, particularly on Leap Of Faith. It was so inspiring to be apart of your camp and talk about all the courageous moments we had seen as a group during the past couple of days. Some of you had created great ways to use the 5 keys in your life back home and we hope it brings you just as much joy as it did when you were hanging with us. That in mind, a big congratulations again to you all for a fantastic camp and particularly for Reign and Dylan who you voted for living by the five keys throughout the whole 3 day experience. We are so glad you got a chance to ride a couple of laps in our World War Two army tank while all your peers cheering on!

We wish you a wonderful year 7 and hope you all continue to set and achieve many goals and that comfort zone continues to in-compressible sizes! Thanks for all the memories and Laughs your coaches Mia and Phoebo.

Monster Times

  1. Hakuna Makinibottoms ~ 8.40

  2. Team Swomp ~ 8.32

Snowy River Challenge Times

  1. Team Swomp ~ 39.06

  2. Hakuna Makinibottoms ~ 40.05

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