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Grovedale College Camp 2

It was our pleasure to welcome Grovedale 2 for there 3 day camp on the 26/2/20 at The Summit. Straight off the bus everyone got settled into there accommodation before being introduced to our 5 Keys, Have Fun, Play All in, Make lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t go Home Wondering what if. Eager to get out into some activities we started the afternoon off with a big group game of 50 up before breaking into our tribes and getting stuck into our first lot of rotations, Snowy River Challenge, Inflatables, Snake & Nails, Trust Games and Initiatives, proving that everyone was ready for a great camp. With day 2 upon us we started the day by setting a Morning Intention and sharing with the group how we wanted our day to look, then playing a game of Jockeys to start our morning in a very energetic way. Finishing off the rest of our rotations from yesterday we also had some new ones planned with The Cave, Raft Building, Laser Skirmish, Bush Challenge and our Relay Challenge, testing how good we could work in a team. After lunch the time had come for our much anticipated Monster Course, with each team battling it out to see who could post the fastest time around the course. After finishing the lap the students where told that they would be completing the course again for a second lap. The team that wins is the team who can improve there time by the most on the second lap the students also had the opportunity to finish the day off with a slide down our waterslide. The final day of camp had arrived with a few sleepy and sore bodies ready to finish off our final round of activities. Before getting out into the park we shared many of the things in our lives that we are grateful for and got straight into a game. In our final debriefs with our teams each team voted on a person who they thought lived camp by our 5 Keys and they where rewarded with a hot lap in our WW2 Army Tank. Congratulations to Josh (Rockets Woosh), Mitch (Shouting Limits), Neve (Chipz), Lachie (Hiltop Hoodies) and Luke (The Humphrey’s). Cam, Ash, Kyle, Paris and Phoebe would like to thank everyone who came along :)


1st Shouting Limits 8.30 improvement

2nd Hiltop Hoodies 8.01 improvement

3rd Rockets Woosh 7.22 improvement

4th The Humphrey’s 6.26 improvement

5th Chipz 6.20 improvement


1st Rockets Woosh 14.52

2nd Shouting Limits 20.23

3rd Chipz 21.12

4th Hiltop Hoodies 22.33

5th The Humphrey’s 23.20


1st Rockets Woosh 19.27

2nd The Humphrey’s 23.12

3rd Hiltop Hoodies 30.14

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