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Richmond High School

On Monday the 24th of February The Summit had the privilege of welcoming the Year 9 cohort all the way from Richmond High School. After a long bus ride the Year 9’s where eager to get off the bus. As the Year 9’s settled into their cabins and had lunch the teachers got the low down on how camp was going to unfold over the three days. Before we got started out in the park, we shared our 5 keys with the Year 9’s, these are 5 keys to a successful camp and ultimately a successful life. They are….






It was then time to hit the park. The Year 9’s had split into 6 different teams, where they had to come up with Tribe names.

1: Bomb Squad

2: Rebellions

3: Ollie’s

4: Accidents

5: Goose

6: The Ghetto

From this point onwards it was time to see what every team was truly capable of. Many teams where challenged right from the get go. They had to build a raft with limited supplies and make it to the jetty and back whilst keeping their raft afloat. Other teams were participating in our Summit Olympic games, where they played a human sized game of noughts and crosses finished by a huge match of tug of war. Whilst that was happening the other three tribes where having all the fun at our Cave, Laser Skirmish and The Bush Challenge. All these activities got the groups working together and having loads of fun. Nice to see the year 9’s on day one using our first Key = HAVE FUN!

After an afternoon of fun and team bonding it was time to have dinner.

They then got the opportunity to participate in our world class board break held by our lovely Summit crew along with some pretty awesome individuals Matt and Maddi our Program Coordinator and our Impact Director spoke to the year 9’s about Mind Set Belief. The Year 9’s put Limiting and Empowering beliefs on their boards and after they are shown the method they broke through their empowering belief, leaving them feel a sense of accomplishment.

Day two was full of more challenges and also new activities. Snowy River Challenge, Snake and Nails, Inflatables and our Relay Races. All of the activities pushed the Year 9’s out of their comfort zones in some way or another. Before the day was over the Year 9’s took part in our awesome Monster Course, where they carried two tyres around The Summit. At each station there was a challenge to be completed. They completed the course not once but twice. Both laps of the course were timed. The second lap was to see what their improvement time would be? How did they adapt to the course when they where wet and tired? How did they play all in? Every team improved! Well done to all the teams.

In 1st place we had Bomb Squad with an improvement time of 14.23

2nd place The Ghetto with an improvement time of 10.03, 3rd place goes to the Ollie’s with an improve time of 9.20 followed by tribes

Rebellions = 8.00 minute improvement time = 4th place

5th place Accidents = improvement time of 6.29 and saving the best for last in 6th place with an improvement time of 6.17 minuets goes to team Goose.

EXCELLENT WORK TO EVERY SINGLE GROUP! Keep working hard and pushing yourselves outside your comfort zones- remember the magic happens outside your comfort zones.

Every morning we started the day with something called Intentions and Gratitude, in a nutshell we got the Year 9’s to set themselves a goal or a word that was going to help them have a successful day. As the saying goes "win the morning win the day". The Year 9’s also shared what they where grateful for, friends, family, loved ones, pets, education and teachers where some of their answers. It is safe to say that if you come from a place of gratitude its hard to be sad or upset because your heart already feels warm and full of joy.

As day three slowly came to a close and activities where underway in the last rotation were doing a final debrief, the Year 9’s had to vote for one person in their tribe who represented our 5 Keys to the max. We call these individuals our Values Winners. Big congratulations to the following winners Michael, Sunny, Julia, Luke, Nic and Tony. These lucky winners got to take a hot lap in The Summits WW2 Army Tank where they also drove over a car. Once again another huge congratulations to our 6 Lucky winners.

Richmond Year 9’s it was lovely having you join us, we hope to see you all again soon. All the best for the rest of the school year.

Bush Time Results

1 30.20

2 26.03 2nd Place

3 29.23 3rd Place

5 32.51

6 25.32 1st Place

Snowy Time Results

1. 22.34 1st Place

5. 32.42 2nd Place

From: Ash, Mia, phoebe, Jac, kyle, Liam, Sophie, Paris and Steph

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