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Minaret College

What an amazing two days it has been with the students and teachers from Minaret College. Coming off the long weekend and putting three days of activities into a two-day camp was so much fun and crazy at the same time. With no time to waste it was straight into group initiatives and tribe names. Titanic Swimmers and Warriors were created and would compete against each other for all activities. The Flying fox was enjoyed by all as everyone soared through the sky and over the lake to the waiting platform. There were a lot of screams of enjoyment and thrills. Sky Bridge was the first of the mental challenges as each participant braved the wobbly bridge and trekked across to challenge their internal voices of doubt. The Monster course was a barrel of fun with each person getting wet and muddy, all whilst tackling obstacles and tasks along the way. The results were as follows: - Titanic Swimmers 26.45, Warriors 35.47. Congratulations to the Titanic swimmers on your win! The Giant Swing is an activity with the biggest thrill factor as it is quite high off the ground. Participants get involved in pairs and are pulled up to their choice of starting point (3 heights) by their fellow group members before releasing themselves to a free fall. The Bush Challenge was the next tribe vs. tribe activity. Titanic Swimmers were keen to beat the boys from Warriors but were not so successful with a time of 36.35 vs. The Warriors time of 35.12. Very close on the bush challenge everyone. Back up to the big tower where Abseiling is. From the height of 20m, participants have to abseil their way back down to the cheers of the tribes. The view was worth the journey up and down the tower. Snake and Nails are the other activities the group had to perform that challenge mental toughness. With participants blocking out so much pain to walk across the bed of nails then find the courage to handle Mitch the pet python. At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a person in their tribe who lived by the five keys of camp. That person would get a ride in the Summit Army tank. Congratulations to Fatima and Abdi who were the winners.

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