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Lumen Christi Primary School

The Year 6 from Lumen Christi Primary School arrived at The Summit for their three-day camp experience on the 11th of March ready to have fun and were full of energy. As soon as I got onto the bus, I knew that this camp was going to be great. Day 1 was rather relaxing for the students as we left them plenty of time to get used to the way that we do things, with breaks between each activity and some initiatives to start off the fun. After the teamwork challenges, we taught the kids an awesome goal-setting strategy called Target, Stretch and Super Stretch that would help them conquer our activities and push them a little bit further. The groups also named themselves before we headed off to the bigger tasks. The group names were: 1. Tik Tok Tacos 2. Carrots and Potato’s 3. L-Force 4. The Simpsons 5. Ogachuka 6. We love Potato’s 7. Ratatouille The activities that the students got to experience were our Bush challenge, Laser Skirmish, Scavenger Hunt, The Sky Bridge, Tash’s Ladder, Abseil, and our Giant Swing. The activities were designed to test many different aspects of the teams' dynamics from facing fears, teamwork, communication to problem-solving. Day 2 at camp started off with a large group game and then we moved into 4 more rotations of activities. Once they were completed we began our Monster Course which was a lot of fun and we got to see some students really push themselves to achieve amazing results. Seeing the students work together so well was inspiring and we hope that they all understand how hard they worked during the run. The improvement times for each team are as follows: 1. 8:37 2. 4:07 3. 2:54 4. 6:41 5. 9:01 6. 3:26 7. 8:37 All of the teams did so well to improve their times, including teams 3 and 6 who ran the first lap so quickly, one would think it will be hard for them to do even better! The final day at camp started a little earlier for some students as the people that missed out on Sky Bridge on day 2 were given the opportunity to have their shot at 8:30 in the morning right after their breakfast. Following that, the rest of the students had a session on being grateful for what they have. And later, Timmy helped them get loose and went ahead to finish off the last two rotations of activities. The camp was enjoyed by all of us and we hope to see you all again one day! Bush times: 1. 23:14 2. 22:28 3. 28:13 4. 24:47 5. 29:11 6. 29:51 7. 41:10 Scav scores: 1. 610 2. 580 3. 750 4. 550 5. 710 6. 680 7. 650

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