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St. Arnaud's Secondary College

On the 10th of March, after a 5-hour bus ride; we had the pleasure of welcoming our Year 7 students from St Arnaud's. Thank you for making the journey down to The Summit. As the afternoon unfolded we got the Year 7s settled into their tents and from there we went and had some fun out in the park. The first two Activities were Inflatables and Snowy River Challenge. It was clear that after these two rotations the Year 7s where super keen to have all the FUN. Day two came quickly and we started our Morning by setting ourselves an Intention for the day, once we had a goal in mind it was time to tackle the day. The year 7s had a jam-packed day awaiting them. The Goats began with High Wire, many students found themselves stepping outside their comfort zones, as did the 14 Musketeers as they made their way to our Snake and Nails room where Phoebe and Mitch, the Snake, were eagerly waiting. After lunch it was time for Laser Skirmish, Scavenger Hunt, swinging on the tallest Giant Swing in Victoria many students found themselves conquering some fears on the swing- so well done to you all for playing all in. The Year 7s also found themselves at the BIG tower, where The Summit Window is, that really tested how the students adapted to one of our 5 keys and that is Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. The students climbed a poll 20 meters in the air then stood on a platform, leaned back and let go of their hold of the poll and enjoyed the view. What a way to end the day!. As the night came to a close the Year 7s shared some GMIC's with each other (Great Moments In Camp) and also watched a movie. Day Three, we were lucky to have such beautiful weather find us at The Summit. Before we went out into the park the Year 7s shared a few things they were grateful for in their world. They found that when you come from a place of gratitude and kindness, your day ultimately gets a little better. The students were very eager for our Monster Course we had waiting for them in the afternoon. However, before that, the Year 7s found themselves zipping across camp on The Flying Fox and climbing The Rock Wall. As the afternoon got hotter Phoebe told the kids if they drench Ash they would get 100 more points for their Scavenger hunt. So OF COURSE, they wanted the points. after that, a water fight was necessary. Not only Did the Year 7's complete the Monster Course once but they did it TWICE, go Team!! What a way to Play All In and Have All the Fun. The afternoon called for a refreshing dip in the lake to wash off all the MUD! Day four, in a nutshell. Two rotations before heading home. The Cave and Leap of faith. For both rotations, the kids didn't want to go home wondering what if, so that meant they had to PLAY ALL IN and gave it their all. The Leap of Faith had many students feeling all the emotions. as the platform is 12 meters high. From the edge of the platform, they jump off and attempt to reach a trapeze bar suspended in front of them. Even Michelle found herself pushing her limits as she gave it a good hot crack. Well done to you all. In our last rotation, the group voted for two people each who have used The Summits 5 Keys to the fullest. Congratulations to our 4 lucky values winners Owen, Abby, Elsie, and Scarlet. St. Arnaud Year 7s, we thank you for making the trip down to The Summit! It was a blast to have you at camp. You are all amazing young individuals!. Keep being awesome, also a massive thank you to Mr. Hand, Miss G, and Michelle for joining us. We hope to see your lovely faces again. Results Snowy: 1: 14 Musketeers 37.10 2: Goats 44.55 Scav 1: 14 Musketeers 935 2: Goats 740 Monster 1: 14 Musketeers 11.07 (Improvement time) 2: Goats 1.26 Thanks again for coming. All the best for the rest of your school year ahead. Many thanks, Ash and Phoebe

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