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On Monday, the year 10’s from Belgrave Heights Christian School made their way to The Summit grounds. The program started with everyone learning about the Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. With the first two Keys the main focus of the day, it was time to get out into the park. We started with a big game of Jockeys to get everyone ready for action. The next important piece of information the gang learned about the goal-setting strategy: Target, Stretch, Super Stretch. All groups completed an initiative activity before choosing a group name. From here the groups would now be known as:

Group 1: 12+1

Group 2: Poggers

Group 3: Pog Squad

Group 4: Unspecified

Group 5: Duck Burgers

Group 6: The Spuds.

The rest of the afternoon saw everyone take on their first rotation of activities, putting into practice the first of the Five Keys and the goal-setting strategy. The activities were: The Summit Window, Snowy River Challenge, Giant Swing, Laser Skirmish, High Wire, and Cave.

Day two started with a talk on Intentions and choosing how to show up for the day; with the message around the more clarity you have on what you want, the more likely you are to get it. It was then game time. Huckle Buckle was the game to get everyone fired up for a big day ahead. Two rotations of activities before lunch made the morning fly by. After lunch, was one more rotation before the Monster Course. The Monster Course had everyone working together as a team, running around, carrying tires, throwing things, pulling things, climbing things, dodging and balancing, and everyone’s favorite part, getting wet and muddy. It was incredible to watch how hard each group pushed themselves throughout the Monster Course, with teamwork, encouragement, and determination high on everyone’s priority list. After dinner, it was time for a Belief and Mindset workshop. Matt and Maddi, from The Summit, delivered a really informative and inspirational session about the power of belief, limiting and empowering beliefs, and how to start dismantling some beliefs that were not so beneficial to have around. The Year 10’s got around each other, cheered, and supported everyone, as people broke through boards and broke through some of those limiting beliefs.

Day Three’s morning began with a talk on Gratitude. The students were taken on a bit of a journey and were guided to think about what in their life they are grateful for. To help get students to that place, there was a moment to realize what they have and how it would feel to be without it. Gratitude is used to set up your day from a place of joy and fulfillment. A game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Evolution got everyone laughing before taking on the last two rotations of camp. The last two activities seemed to fly by, and before everyone knew it, it was time to finish up. We all gathered one last time as a big group to read through results, thank a few key groups of people, acknowledge some legends who played so hard over camp, and then get on the bus to go home.

A huge thank you to all the Year 10 students and teachers from Belgrave Heights! It was remarkable to watch you guys play hard and give everything you're all! Best of luck for the rest of the year!

- Jackie, Liam, Mia, Logan, Steph, Paris, Zoe, Maddi


Snowy River Challenge

Group 1: 11:26 – 3rd

Group 2: 10:41 – 1st

Group 3: 12:40

Group 4: 11:05 – 2nd

Group 5: 11:36

Group 6: 29:22

Monster Course Improvements

Group 1: 9:14 – 3rd

Group 2: 4:00

Group 3: 10:02 – 2nd

Group 4: 9:04

Group 5: 8:57

Group 6: 10:04 – 1st

Values Winners:

Group 1: Lachie

Group 2: Toma

Group 3: Raiden

Group 4: Sienna

Group 5: Adam

Group 6: Lilli


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