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Briagolong Primary School Blog

What a fantastic week at The Summit with Briagolong Primary School. From the moment we met you we knew it was going to be an amazing experience.

Our first interaction was to introduce ourselves and give you some introduction to The Summit with a video, the Five Keys, and our target, stretch and super stretch information which everyone on camp was so epic living by.

We then broke into two groups, Da Menaces and The Menacing Llama Corns, and tackled some Initiatives, with Lilly doing brilliantly at GOTCHA, Elise and Archie stepping up with the Treasure Chest, and the whole of Group 1 really pulling together to do our S Puzzle.

Tash’s Ladder and Snowy River Challenge were our first full activities, with Coby and Shayla really conquering their fears on the Ladder while Charlie led the way at Snowy. Day two saw some Abseiling, where Sophie and Harmony were incredibly brave, while all the kids got a chance to run all over camp with the Scavenger Hunt. We then played Laser Tag where Campbell showed how muddy you can get on activity and Lilly marshalled her troops like a pro, while Shaka was incredible in the Snake and Nails. We finished Tuesday with our Tribe Identity session, where we made flags and came up with a team chant.

Wednesday was the Chant and Flag unveiling, and they were AMAZING! Then Ebony took charge of Orienteering while Ash introduced herself and took the kids to the Summit Window. That afternoon the kids challenged themselves in The Cave, with Archie showing some incredible leadership and Harmony, Grace, Elise and almost all of Da Menaces showing some incredible bravery. Campbell and Mikayla were amazing on the Rockwall. Both the last activity of Wednesday and the first of Thursday was Inflatables, where Daniel was incredibly brave on the Jumping Castle and made flag bearer for his work, while the other half tackled the Leap of Faith, where Sophie, Liv and Mikayla were awesome. Our Lovely Sunny Day took the groups to our Bush Challenge where Coby, Archie, Liv, and Elise worked very well while they also did the Flying Fox, where Daniel again showed us how brave he was by going twice.

The students' work on the Monster Course was awesome, with everyone working so hard to get each other through it, with Ebony especially showing how resilient she was on the second lap and Campbell trying to cover himself fully in mud! On the last day, we got to do the Giant Swing, with Archie again stepping up to help the nervous ones, Dane proving how brave he is, Hanna and Jack being incredibly courageous again, and Coby and Taowa desperate to go to the top no matter what, while the work on the High Wire was inspiring, the belayers, especially Lilly and Bubbles, working to keep each other safe after 5 days of camp.

Well done to Archie and Ebony on being voted the Values winners, I hope you enjoyed your lap in our WW2 army tank and thank you all so much for coming to The Summit. Below are your times for all the activities and our group photo.

From Spinks, Ash, Sunny, Liam and myself, thank you all for an amazing week. We can't wait to see your school back again next year


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