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Canterbury Girls SC Year 9 Camp Blog

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, the students of Canterbury Girls SC came through The Summit gates. Eager to get going they were shown to their accommodation, students got together in the Lodge and were introduced to the coaching staff and team leader Spinks. They were told about The Summit's ‘Five Keys’ to a successful camp. Shortly after they were shown to the stage and played a game of 50 Up to move their bodies. Students were shown how to put on a harness and a helmet and talked about The Summit's goal-setting strategy called ‘Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch’.

5 Keys

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

Groups then smashed one rotation of activities and thought of their tribe names. All tribes then completed tribe identity, where the groups created a chant, they performed and were scored on wristbands, to keep with them to gain points for the Monster Course run. In the chants we had a special appearance from the teachers and taking the cake was Tiramisu, well done!

Activities run were Flying Fox, Abseil, High Wire, Bush Challenge, Inflatables, and Snake and Nails.

Day 2 and the group looked ready to go after breakfast, we started our day with morning intentions and were shown the video “I Was Here.” by Beyoncé, asking the students to think about who they want to be for the day for themselves as well as their team. The tribes completed three epic rotations where we witnessed heaps of targets, stretches, and super stretches.

After rotation 3 and lunch, all groups had a tribe challenge to complete, and a massive tug-of-war competition took place. with the tunes pumping and cracking out, the Cotton Eye Joe dance, Waka Waka dance. Teachers and students all gained in and had a boogie, with the energy high, the tribes were briefed on the Monster Course, and as the first two groups lined up ready; 3..2..1 they took off. After nailing their first lap, the group was unaware they were going to run the same course twice, we do this to show resilience and teach the students that when they think they’ve got nothing left, they can dig deep and still keep going.

Day three came around and Adam ran a gratitude session and asked what and who makes them feel grateful, we then had two more activities to do, and we challenged them to not go home wondering what if. At the end of the last rotation, groups then debriefed their experience by sharing a rock, stick, and leaf (something that rocked their world about camp, something that will stick with them and that they want to leave behind). All tribes then voted for a Values winner, someone who had embodied The Summit's Five Keys the most consistently throughout camp.

Thanks again for coming to The summit and having all the fun!

Spinks, Adam, Aron, Jakob, Sara, Sarah, and Calarnee.


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