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Casey Grammar School Camp Blog

On the 17th of November the year 6 kids from Casey Grammar School came to us ready to take on some challenges and to unleash their greatness. After being introduced to our Five Keys to Camp (Have fun, Play All In, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Make Lots of Mistakes and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If) we got right out into the park to start having fun and playing some games such as YeeHa and Club Ball before jumping onto our first two rotations of activities for camp.

The activities that the students and teachers got to conquer were:

The Giant Swing saw many students pushing themselves to go that one step higher and supporting each other to play all in.

The Flying Fox across The Summit’s lake.

Tash’s Ladder where many students were able to push themselves to get comfortable with the uncomfortable while climbing up so high!

Snake & Nails saw many people pushing themselves right from the get-go particularly united by some of our coaches for their efforts in the snake and nails room were Ella, Gavin and Chahannah. Well done guys!

On the second day of camp, we finished two more rotations getting a chance to push even harder than the day before. We then moved into 4 brand new activities which included the Rock Wall, Laser Skirmish, The Cave, and Scavenger Hunt.

We saw so many students beginning to grow and develop their teamwork skills throughout the day that when the time came to run our Monster Course, we knew that the students were going to smash it!

The Monster Course was designed to test out the students' resilience and teamwork and gave us all a chance to see how much more we can do than we think we can. The students ran the course not only once, but twice! They did this so that they had the chance to see how much more that could be achieved when they were wet, tired, and thought they were done.

Every group improved on their time on the second lap!

The Twelve Musketeers had an improvement time of 6:37.

The Zinger Burgers improved greatly by 10:07.

The chicken Nuggets improved by a huge 20:26

And finally, The Spudz made an impressive improvement of 7:12

Well done to everybody that showed up, you should all be so proud of your efforts!

On Tuesday night the students go to boogie with Ella and Cheyanne at the Disco we organized for the kids! Many games were played, and dance moves showed off!

On the final day of camp, we finished off with our activities and two groups got a chance to do our Highwire activity which saw students climbing into the trees and onto a wire trusting that their teams would keep them safe!

In the final rotation, the students all voted for their Summit Values Winner who would be recognized as someone that had tried to live by our Five Keys while at the camp.

The 4 people voted for by the students were Harry, Alexia, Elora, and Celeste. These four got to come with us for a ride in our WW2 army tank before we said goodbye and the schools went to wait for their buses to head out the gate.

A huge thank you to all the teachers for helping us run such a smooth program and helping these students to achieve so many great things.


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