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What an incredible experience it was to welcome Chairo Christian School to The Summit.

On the first day, the students found themselves pushing themselves outside their comfort zones and achieving incredible goals they had set. The students did this with the help of our Five Keys.

They are:

Have Fun

Play All In

Make Lots of Mistakes

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Don’t Go Home Wondering What-If

A huge congratulations to every student who played all in over the past three days. You all crushed it out there. The students found themselves conquering fears and expanding their comfort zones.

To kick start camp, the students separated into 4 separate groups and made themselves each an awesome team flag. Each team created a name, some team values, and created a mascot.

1. Chad and Karen

2. Potato Jooce

3. Material Girlz

4. Da Boiz

After a fun-filled afternoon of 3 rotations out in the park, the students found themselves up in the Tent Village area eating some delicious chicken schnitzel for dinner and in-barking on a self-ran ballistic minute to it and a fun-filled night walk.

To start our first morning at The Summit, we set ourselves a morning intention, as the saying goes 'win the morning win the day'. Well done to all the students who set themselves clear goals for their day. To get our bodies moving we played an epic game of GOTCHA, shortly after we got stuck into a full day of activities. These activities found the students leaping off a 12-meter platform catching a bar and dangling upside down, scurrying around The Summit completing all the Scavenger Hunt points, flying over The Summit's very own lake on the Flying Fox, navigating up and around the Rock Wall, racing against the clock to complete the Bush Challenge, climbing on top of Tash’s Ladder and letting go with both hands and one leg, the students also found themselves abseiling down an 18-meter wall and getting to walk on a nail board and pat/hold our resident snake, Mitch.

What a crazy full-on day, and to top it all off in the afternoon the students also completed not 1 but 2 laps of our Monster Course. The first lap was to see how fast the students could run and the 2nd lap was all about resilience and seeing how well the groups could work together when they were wet, tired, and muddy. Congratulations to every single student who crushed the mud run. You should all be enormously proud of yourselves. Every team improved by 4 minutes or more. That’s very impressive.

After a busy day on the move, the students had a relaxing night and ate lots of scrumptious spaghetti and garlic bread. Followed by a movie up in The Stadium.

After a hot shower and a good night's sleep, it was time to start our last day at The Summit. We started our morning by sharing all the things we had to be grateful for. When you start the morning from a place of joy and gratitude it’s more rewarding thinking of all the things you have and not all the things you don’t have. After playing a game to get our bodies moving it was time to complete two more rotations before the students made the track home. After the students finished their final activities, they voted for one person in their team who they believe lived by our Five Keys 100% over the last three days of camp.

Congratulations to the following constancies:

1. Chad and Karen -Jade

2. Potato Jooce – Riley

3. Material Girlz - Aisha

4. Da Boiz – Ben

The Summit Team wishes you all the absolute best for the year ahead. We look forward to seeing you again next time.

Bush Challenge times.

1. 21.58

2. 31.56

3. 34.19

4. 23.57

Scavenger Hunt.

1. 470

2. 330

3. 440

4. 640

Monster Times.

1. 5.40

2. 7.15

3. 8.20

4. 5.58


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