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Cire Community School Year 10 Camp Blog

When I first heard about the return of Cire Community College to The Summit, I was absolutely stoked I could work with this incredible school again. Those feelings were validated as soon as I met the staff and students. There was literally no time at all before Vinnie made an impression, but I’m sure he gets that a lot. Sophie, Calarnee, and I gathered in the Stadium with them to introduce ourselves and our Five Keys of Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If, before playing a couple of games, showing everyone our harnesses and how to set themselves Targets, Stretches and Super Stretches, and getting into our first couple of activities.

We were looking forward to a larger group but in a way, it was more of a team experience to have such a small number of students. We started Monday off with our Snowy River Challenge, before moving over to our Flying Fox. It was obvious after the first few activities that Cohen and Matt were here for the intensity.

Tuesday morning was kicked off with a chat about how our words and actions have a greater effect on those around us than we sometimes realize, and a lack of good showers definitely made those words interesting! With our first round of activities, we promised stupidity, challenge, and childishness and delivered our Scavenger Hunt, our epic Sky Bridge, and our giant bouncing castle in Inflatable City. It was an awesome morning. That afternoon we tried our Leap of Faith, with Meg being the most challenged by the activity! It was also great to see Meg, Elleisha, Jodi, Jodie, and Marty putting their hands up for as much as the kids did. The rapport was amazing.

Mal also got a chance to head over and see one of the trains he was looking forward to, regaling us with all he knew about them and more. The afternoon was dominated, however, by our epic Monster Course. Two laps around an epic group of tasks and challenges, with more mud than anyone expected. Roxy and Zara dominated the course, getting behind everyone and championing the tyres they had to carry as well.

Tuesday night was a bit quieter, and Wednesday bought our final two activities. We walked a nail board and met Monty in our Snake and Nails session, with Elleisha proving just how brave she could be. We then moved over to the Abseiling tower, where quite a few of the students had a chance to push themselves as far as they could up and out of our tower. Noone did it quite as well as Cody, however, who after being nervous just to make it up, was brave enough to get hooked in and abseil all the way down. Special mention also goes to Zara, who pushed herself as far as she could out onto the activity. It was truly inspirational.

We then asked everyone to vote on who they thought gave everything they could over the whole camp to be our Values winners or the person that best represented the Five Keys values The Summit holds. Cody, Zed, and Zara were clear winners and rewarded with a ride in our WW2 Army Tank. Unfortunately, Zed couldn’t quite muster the courage to give it a go but Mal was very appreciative and jumped straight in for him.

A massive thank you to all the students and teachers from Cire Community School for all the effort they put in to make this camp as amazing as it was. We at The Summit can't wait to see you back again very soon.

Adam J

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