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Clifton Hill PS Year 5 Camp Blog

On the first of November, the grade 5 students from Clifton Hill PS graced us with their presence as they embarked on their three-day camp at The Summit. We had our welcome in the Lodge and went over some safety points before heading out into the park to begin the camp journey.

Each tribe began with their first activity and came up with a tribe name. Welcome to the Rubber Duckies, Cave People, Peggy Gregs, Fearless 4, Top 14, Crumpets, Shreky Wheky Summinators, and the Wheat Bix Kids.

Here is the full list of tribe challenges and how each tribe went.

Scavenger Hunt:

Peggy Gregs = 240 points

Crumpets = 360 points

Shreky Wheky Summinators = 370 points

Rubber Duckies = 370 points

Wheat Bix Kids = 400 points

Cave People = 500 points

Top 14 = 650 points

Fearless 4 = 740 points - WINNER!!!

Bush Challenge:

Crumpets = 28.40

Rubber Duckies = 22.25

Peggy Gregs = 21.48

Cave People = 18.57

Wheat Bix Kids = 18.49

Shreky Wheky Summinators = 18.47

Top 14 = 15.04

Fearless 4 = 14.13 - WINNER!!!

Monster Course Improvement Time:

Shreky Wheky Summinators = 5.40

Fearless 4 = 7.13

Peggy Gregs = 7.13

Crumpets = 8.03

Cave People = 8.18

Rubber Duckies = 8.55

Wheat Bix Kids = 9.46

Top 14 = 12.04 - WINNER!!!

It was so nice to see and hear so much positive encouragement and support for one another throughout camp. At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a Values winner. These were the people you voted for as showing the Five Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If) of the Summit. Well done to Max, Frankie, Sammy, Maisy, Leon, Olivia, Aria, and James, all deserving winners.

Thank you again to all the students and teachers and special thanks to the parent-helpers from Clifton Hill PS for such a wonderful camp. We cannot wait to see you back at The Summit in the future.


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