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On Wednesday afternoon, Concord School arrived at The Summit, ready and excited for the next few days they have ahead! After all the students were settled into their tents, they were introduced to Ella, Sarah, Rohan and Sunny as we then introduced the Five Keys to an epic camp: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If.

Heading down to the park the fun was about to begin! We all played a game of “Up”, where we were challenged to keep the ball off the ground as many times we could! The students proved that they were ready to have fun and play all in! Camp started with our first activities, an initiative game and either the Snowy River Challenge, Tash's Ladder or Highwire. Getting pushed outside of their comfort zones, all still pushed to hit their targets, stretches and super stretches.

On day 2 we started the day by setting a morning intention, thinking of all the goals we want to achieve during the day, such as giving every activity a go or always saying “yayyy”! We then headed to the park and played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors Evolution, where we all turned into eggs, chickens, crocodiles, dinosaurs and eventually back to humans. After we were human again, the groups finished off the 2 other rotations from yesterday before we began a new rotation of either the Summit Window, Cave or Flying Fox.

It was now time for some yummy lunch and time to get changed for the Monster Course! We headed back to the park with our bellies full, ready to get super wet and muddy! All of our teams came together as one and we tackled our Monster Course. Big smiles on everyone's faces and mud flying everywhere, we got comfortable being uncomfortable and had the best time ever.

Day 3 quickly arrived and we started our morning with a session of gratitude, where Sunny asked us all to draw and imagine all the things we are grateful for. The teams headed back to the park one last time where we became pirates on Rohan's ship! It was now time to complete our last activity rotations before the bus came to pick our new concord friends up.

Thank you all so much for such a fun week! From Ella, Sarah, Rohan and Sunny.


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