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Elsternwick Primary School Grade 3 Blog

With grade 4 leaving and grade 3 arriving, it was great to continue the week with Elsternwick Primary School. This camp was full of excitement and smiling faces the whole camp. With all the introductions of the Five Keys and coaching team, it was straight out to the park to start initiatives and tribe names. Mouldy Nuggies, Devils, Dirty Chickens, Danger Pigs, Flying Fishes and Flamers were the names chosen for each of the tribes.

During the three day camp, those who made it to the top of the Rock Wall were recorded and we want to acknowledge the effort of these people. Will, Lilly, Tom, Ava, Archie, Amelia, Jack, Lucas, Felix, Zailee, Seb, Felix, Charlie H, Alex, Maia and Hannah were these outstanding individuals.

Here are the results from the group challenges.

Bush Challenge:

Dirty Chickens 46.27

Flying Fishes 42.02

Flamers 39.17

Danger Pigs 33.38

Devils 33.25

Mouldy Nuggies winning with a time of 31.59

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Mould Nuggies 220 points

Flamers 240 points

Dirty Chickens 270 points

Flying Fishes 300 points

Devils 310 points

Danger Pigs winner, with a score of 540 points.

Monster Course:

Dirty Chickens improved by 30 seconds

Flamers improved by 1.30,

Danger Pigs improved by 3.47

Flying Fishes improved by 5.52

Mouldy Nuggies improved by 12.22

Devils winning the monster with an improvement of 13.47

At the end of the camp, each tribe voted for the person in that tribe who lived by The Summit 5 Keys. These people were given a round of applause and gifted with a limited edition Summit hat. Congratulations to C.J, Robbie T, Rosie, Finn, Felix and Charlie M. well done to you all, you all should be proud of yourselves.

Thank you again for coming to The Summit for your camp. A big shout out to the teachers of Elsternwick PS who we had so much fun getting to know and working with over the five days you were here. Cannot wait to see you back at The Summit in the near future.


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