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Footscray High School Camp 1 Blog

The Footscray HS students arrived at The Summit on the 25th of May. When they hopped off the buses the students headed up and got settled into their cabins. The students then went down into the park and started out by getting into their activity groups and started with initiative. They then picked their group name for the week.

The names were:

Armed Ducklings


Green Machines

Sea Cucumbers



The groups started their first lot of rotations with Abseil, Inflatables, Giant Swing, Bush Challenge, Snake and Nails and Laser Skirmish.

Bush Challenge is a timed activity and all the teams did a great job working together.

The times were:

Armed Ducklings 30:26

11 Musketeers 31:03

Green Machines 31:40

Sea Cucumbers 27:03

Untitled 24:59

Creamies 36:47

After their first two activities, the groups had some free time before they went to dinner.

The next morning everyone came down to play a big game before starting their rotations for the day, everyone was having lots of fun. The group then had lunch before going and getting changed for the Monster Course. They had one more rotation to go before starting the course. The students got to run in their activity groups throughout the course. Everyone did an amazing job, every single group had an improvement time they should be proud of. Well done everyone!! All the couches agreed that the results that were shown by the teams were world-class!


Armed Ducklings 14:06

11 Musketeers 13:20

Green Machine 15:17

Sea Cucumbers 9:08

Untitled 0:24

Creamies 4:10

The last day was here before we knew it, the students had two last rotations to go consisting of Rock Wall, Snowy River Challenge, Highwire, Orienteering, Tash’s Ladder and Scavenger Hunt.

We asked the students to vote for someone who they think lived up to the camp's Five Keys (Play All In, Have Fun, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Uncomfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don't Go Home Wondering What If) And they were: Anh, Olive, Tuffie, Tilly, Youe and Morgan. These legends got to go in the tank and do a lap before crushing a car!

Thank you Footscray HS for an awesome 3 days with you and can't wait to welcome you back at The Summit!


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