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Good News Lutheran College Year 7 Camp Blog

We have been blessed to have the students and teachers from Good News Lutheran at The Summit for their 3-day, year seven camp. After settling into accommodation, the energy was great for the start of rotations of activities.

Each tribe came up with its tribe names and were no longer known as Groups 1,3 etc but Electric Monkeys, Energetic Gorillas, Redeeming Monkeys, Shaun Plays Fortnite, Mr. Ahmad's Bald Chickens, Cream Stars, Weetabix Goats, Pinky Blinders, and Greatness.

With so much going on at camp we would like to give you the full results for all the groups' challenges.

Bush Challenge:

Shaun Plays Fortnite 40.53

Cream stars 38.07

Energetic Gorillas 37.00

Redeeming Monkeys 30.06

Electric Monkeys 28.18w

Weetabix Goats 28.05,

Pinky Blinders 27.40

Greatness 23.20 = WINNER!!!

Scavenger Hunt:

Mr. Ahmads Bald Chicken 205

Pinky Blinders 210

Energetic Gorillas 220

Shaun Plays Fortnite 240

Cream Stars 260

Greatness 340

Weetabix Goats 500

Electric Monkeys 634 points = WINNER!!!

Monster Course Improvement Time:

Electric Monkeys8.36

Greatness 9.01

Shaun Plays Fortnite 9.06

Pinky Blinders 9.10

Redeeming Monkeys 9.23

Energetic Gorillas 9.26Mr

Ahmad’s Bald Chickens 13.24

Cream Stars 16.29

Weetabix Goats 16.47 = WINNER!!!

What a great camp it was. At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a member who lived by The Summit Five Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If) Congratulations to Mahul, Bruktawit, Alicia, Sid, Aayan, Dhami, T, Eliana, and Issac.

We hope you all had a great camp and learned more about yourself and have grown.


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