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Good News Lutheran Year 7 Camp Blog

The students and staff from Good News Lutheran arrived on the 13th of February - and boy did they bring some epic people with them! As soon as you all got off the bus, we knew we were going to have so much fun. When you arrived, you got some time to get settled in and then it was into some introductions. Your coaches were swapping around quite a bit during your time with us, but on the Monday, you got to meet Steph, Timmay, Yves, Emily, Lina, Marcus, Sarah, Shanara, Zoe and Sunny! Timmy also introduced you to five epic things - our Five Keys! We challenged you to use the these keys while you were in the park. They were: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What if. You all rose to the occasion, and it was so cool to watch!

After all our introductions we hit the park and jumped into our activities, it was amazing to watch you all already pushing your boundaries! The first thing we did were initiatives, where we put our teamwork skills to the test as we jumped into the deep end to problem solve and communicate together, we all learned so much from the initiatives and we were ready to start the bigger activities, at some point you would’ve tried some of the following: Sky Bridge, Bush Challenge, Laser Skirmish, Flying Fox, Rock Wall, Orienteering, Scavenger Hunt, Cave or Snake and Nails. We got to push our limits on the Rock Wall, where you had heaps of pathways to the top. So many people set epic target, stretches and super stretches and we want you all to remember that if you didn’t get to the top, its okay! The important thing was that you all persevered and gave it your best, you crushed it! Laser was an epic way to verse your own teammates and you got to create a healthy bit of rivalry between you all, you got to see who came out on top with the highest percentage of accuracy and the best strategies! Bush Challenge was a true test of teamwork, where you were all timed through an obstacle course. To see how your team went, please find your time in the table below! Sky Fridge really tested how much you were all prepared to play all in, it looks quite simple until it comes to stepping onto the activity and each and every one of you rose to the occasion, it was amazing to hear about how much effort you were putting into tackling the bridge, you should be very proud of yourselves! Cave may have made you quite uncomfortable, being put in complete darkness and told to go find a room doesn’t sound epic but the true test came when sitting at the end whilst hopefully allowing your other teammates to have a quiet experience. Cave is one of those activities where the meaning behind it isn’t as obvious, it’s not until you sit down in your debriefs and tie the activities back into your daily lives that you see the lesson(s), and boy-oh-boy did we have some really cool conversations during your debriefs! Orienteering was a lot like Laser - healthy rivalry between the teams lead to you hopefully running all the way around camp to find the letters at our orienteering points, we also hope you learned a little bit about the people you were with along the way! The Scavenger Hunt was all about team work as well, you didn’t get points unless the entire team was involved. It was incredible to see the strategies used to make points and the amount of problem solving you put into a lot of the tasks. A lot of you said that the lesson behind the Scavenger Hunt was to expand your communication skills and you did just that! The points overall are also placed in the table with your Bush Challenge times & your Monster Course times! Last but certainly not least, Flying Fox required you to trust us again as we launched you through the sky, over our lake and into the hands of your teachers! Flying Fox required a bit of bravery as well, we were blown away by how many of you stepped out of your comfort zone to crush this activity, it was an epic addition to your program!

On Thursday, you were completing some of the activities you hadn’t tried yet and after you got to try those activities it was time for an epic, long awaited Monster Course! We got absolutely filthy, we had so much fun and we pushed ourselves as hard as we could! We got an awesome time for our first lap, but then your coaches had broken it to you that throughout all of camp we were pushing you to be incredible humans and doing things you never thought you could’ve done before, so off we went again! We did a second lap and it was so epic, we pushed our boundaries yet again, in probably the biggest way we ever could! We worked incredibly as a team and for those of us that improved on our time, we worked out how we could be a little faster in places but above all we looked out for and supported each other the best we could! Not every team improved, and that’s okay, you gave it your all and played all in - that’s all we can ask of you. But I challenge you to reflect and find the lesson!

On Friday we got to experience our last activity and it was amazing to watch you all continue using the Five Keys and the Target, Stretch, Super Stretch all the way to the bus - you should all be super proud of yourselves! You crushed camp and left everything out in the park! During your last rotation you got to vote for one of your teammates from your activity group, you would have voted for them because you recognized how well they were using the Five Keys and they stood out to you over the course of your camp. The people your cohort ended up voting for were: Levi, Ydette, Karl, Vishnnu M, Hannah, Senery, Harshdeep, Hitesh and Elijah! You should all be very proud of yourselves, you’ve been recognized by your teammates for truly embodying what camp is all about, well done!

What an epic way to spend three days! Thank you so much for joining us on such an epic journey, you’re all such awesome people! Keep pushing yourselves!

All the love,

our Coaches.


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